Cebu Travel Guide


Cebu Province is a popular destination in the Philippines known for its beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and delicious cuisine. It's a melting pot of culture and history, with a vibrant city and serene countryside waiting to be explored.

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A tropical white beach in Cebu

Located in the heart of the Philippine archipelago, Cebu city is a gateway to over 150 islands waiting to be explored. With a rich history and multifaceted culture, the city offers a glimpse into the country’s past through its preserved historic relics.

Cebu also boasts inviting natural attractions such as white sand beaches, pristine waters, rich marine life for diving and snorkeling, verdant mountains, mysterious caves, and challenging trails for outdoor sports activities.

What to See in Cebu:

If you’re planning a trip to Cebu, don’t miss these must-visit places:

Bantayan Island

known for its stunning white sand beaches and clear blue waters.

Malapascua Island

one of the world’s best diving spots where you can swim with thresher sharks.


a small town with a vibrant marine life where you can freedive with sardines.


famous for its whale shark watching activity.

Sumilon Island

a marine reserve teeming with diverse marine flora and fauna.

Camotes Islands

a group of four islands with natural attractions including beautiful beaches, natural pools, waterfalls, and a lake.

When to go to Cebu:

Cebu is a popular year-round destination that attracts millions of foreign travelers every year. The island is known for its breathtaking white-sand beaches and exceptional diving opportunities.

Cebu is a tropical area where rainfall is quite common and occurs throughout the year.

Typically, December and January are the rainiest months and March and April stand out as the driest months in Cebu.

Due to consistent heavy rains, the region tends to be humid, which can create a perception of higher temperatures than the actual readings. It’s not unusual for humidity to exceed eighty percent.

During the rainy season heavy downpours and occasional typhoons can disrupt travel plans.

For those visiting in January, the annual Sinulog Festival is a must-see event. It is the grandest and most spectacular festival in the Philippines and features a procession of the miraculous image of Santo Niño, colorful street parades, beauty pageants, fireworks display, singing, and dancing contests.

Getting to Cebu city

There are several ways to get to Cebu depending on your location and preference.

By Plane

If you’re coming from overseas, the easiest way to get to Cebu is by taking a flight to Mactan-Cebu International Airport, which is the second-busiest airport in the Philippines. Many major airlines offer direct flights to Cebu from various international destinations.

If you’re already in the Philippines, you can take a domestic flight from Manila, Davao, or other major cities to Cebu. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia are some of the airlines that operate flights to and from Cebu.

By Ferry

Alternatively, you can take a ferry from nearby islands like Bohol or Negros Oriental, which are connected to Cebu by regular ferry services. The ferry ride can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the distance.

Once you arrive in Cebu, there are taxis, buses, and jeepneys available for transportation to your desired destination. Taxis are the most convenient but also the most expensive option, while jeepneys and buses are cheaper but can be crowded and slow.

Recommended Tours:

Cebu City offers day trips to stunning natural attractions and cultural landmarks. Popular destinations include Oslob for swimming with whale sharks, Mactan Island for beaches and water sports, Pescador Island for snorkeling and diving, and Kawasan Falls for canyoneering. The city itself has a rich cultural heritage, with landmarks like Magellan’s Cross and the Basilica del Santo Niño to explore on a city tour.

We highly recommend the Classic Tour of Cebu and Bohol, which is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. This 6-day tour includes a thrilling experience of swimming with whale sharks in Oslob, exploring the stunning islands around Cebu and Mactan, and heading to Bohol to witness the breathtaking Chocolate Hills, relax on Panglao Island, and visit the adorable Tarsier Sanctuary.

If you want to explore more attractions in Cebu that are not included in our ready-made tours, we can customize a tour just for you. Our Tailor-Made Tours offer the flexibility to design your itinerary according to your preferences and interests.

Check out our website to see all our Cebu Tours and book your unforgettable adventure today.

Where to stay:

Seda Ayala Center Cebu

There are many hotels in Cebu City and Mactan Island to suit different budgets and preferences.

In Cebu City, some popular hotel locations include the central business district, which is near shopping malls and entertainment areas, and the uptown area, which offers a quieter and more upscale experience. 

In Mactan Island, the hotels are primarily located along the coastline, offering stunning ocean views and easy access to the beach. 

The choice of which hotel is more convenient ultimately depends on your travel plans and preferences. If you want to be close to the airport and beach, Mactan Island may be a better option. If you prefer to be in the heart of the city, Cebu City may be a better fit. 

Seda Ayala Center Hotel Cebu City is a modern and stylish hotel located in the heart of Cebu City’s business and commercial district. The hotel is part of the Ayala Center Cebu, a premier shopping and entertainment destination, which offers guests convenient access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The hotel features 301 well-appointed rooms and suites, all designed with contemporary furnishings and equipped with modern amenities.

Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu Resort is a luxurious five-star resort located on the pristine shores of Mactan Island, Cebu. The resort features a blend of modern and traditional Thai design elements, which create a stylish and relaxing atmosphere for guests.

The resort boasts 272 elegantly appointed guest rooms and suites, all with private balconies or terraces offering stunning views of the ocean or the lush gardens. Each room is equipped with modern amenities.


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