Port Barton Travel Guide

Port Barton

Nestled on the northwest coast of Palawan Island, Port Barton is a hidden gem that offers a more laid-back and serene alternative to the more touristy areas of Palawan. This travel guide provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect and how to make the most of your Port Barton adventure.

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Port Barton is a quaint fishing village nestled on a picturesque bay in San Vicente, Palawan’s northern region. This off-the-beaten-path destination remains relatively undiscovered by tourists.

The main beach boasts crystal-clear waters and a pristine sandy coastline fringed by lush rainforest. The town’s simple charm and the warm hospitality of its locals will captivate you, making it difficult to leave this idyllic paradise.

What to See in Port Barton:

If you’re planning a trip to Port Barton, make sure to visit these must-see locations that we highly recommend:

German Island

German Island boasts crystal-clear waters, a powdery white sand beach, and excellent snorkeling opportunities just a few meters offshore.

Exotic Island

Exotic Island is one of Port Barton’s most stunning destinations, comprising two islands separated by a narrow channel with shallow, crystalline waters.

Papuwyan Waterfall

Papuwyan Waterfall offers breathtaking scenery and can be reached by an hour-long trek from the town.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a serene and secluded gem, perfect for snorkeling and soaking up the sun. It’s not well known to mass tourism, which ensures that you’ll have the island almost entirely to yourself.

When to go to Port Barton:

The best time to visit Port Barton is between December and early May, as this is when the weather is typically the most favorable. It is also the peak tourist season, so accommodations tend to be in high demand.

Port Barton is rarely hit by super typhoons due to its location, making it a relatively safe destination during wet season, which occurs from June to November

Getting to Port Barton:

Getting to Port Barton is easy with several transportation options available from nearby destinations.

Here’s how you can get to Port Barton from different places:

From Puerto Princesa

Public Transportation: There are daily public buses and vans that offer daily direct links to Port Barton. The journey typically takes 3-4 hours. It is important to note that not all of them may be reliable in terms of schedule and safety.

Private Transportation: The quickest and easiest way to get from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton is by booking a private van. Book Online

From El Nido

Private Transportation: The quickest and easiest way to get from El Nido to Port Barton is by booking a private van.

From Sabang (Underground river)

Private Transportation: The quickest and easiest way to get from Sabang to Port Barton is by booking a private van.

Where to stay:

Main Lobby at Holiday Suites, Beach Resort, Port Barton

Most hotels and guesthouses in Port Barton are conveniently located just a few steps from the beach.

While there are several accommodation options available, it is important to note that there aren’t any 5-star or luxury hotels in Port Barton. However, the charm of the village lies in its simplicity and laid-back vibe, making it an ideal destination for budget-conscious travelers and those looking for a more authentic experience.

Holiday Suites Port Barton is a beachfront accommodation situated in the charming coastal town of Port Barton in San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere, Port Barton is a popular destination for travelers seeking a peaceful island getaway.

Holiday Suites Port Barton is considered by many to be the best hotel in the area, offering comfortable and modern amenities for a truly relaxing stay. The friendly staff is always ready to assist guests in any way possible, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience.


aerial view of islands in Port barton, san Vicente

How to plan a Port Barton Trip

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Port Barton Attractions

Port Barton, located in Palawan, Philippines, is a hidden gem that offers a relaxed and authentic island experience. Our Travel Guide showcases the top attractions in Port Barton, from secluded beaches and waterfalls to island-hopping and snorkeling, making it the ultimate resource for planning your trip.
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