Mactan Island

Mactan Island

Mactan Island is a vibrant destination and the main access point to Cebu, housing the international airport. It features luxury resorts and world-class dive sites. Its convenient location makes it the ideal base for exploring Cebu province.

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Beachfront on Moevenpick Resort in Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Mactan Island, located in the central part of the Philippines, is part of Cebu province and lies just a few kilometers east of Cebu City. This island is known for its strategic importance as it houses the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, making it the primary gateway to Cebu and the rest of the Visayas region. Mactan is characterized by its flat terrain, coral reefs, and mangrove forests, offering a unique coastal landscape. 

While it may not have extensive sandy beaches, it offers charming stretches of sand at a few selected resorts.

 The island is renowned for its luxury resorts and world-class dive sites, attracting tourists seeking both relaxation and underwater adventure. Its convenient location makes it an ideal base for exploring Cebu province’s rich cultural heritage, natural wonders, and vibrant city life.


When to go to Mactan Island:

The best time to visit Mactan Island for favorable weather and diving conditions is during the dry season, which typically runs from December to May.
The weather is generally sunny and dry, with lower humidity and minimal rainfall, making it ideal for outdoor activities and beach relaxation.

As for diving, the dry season offers excellent underwater visibility and calm seas, enhancing the diving experience. The months of March to May are particularly great for diving as the sea conditions are usually at their best.

Getting to Mactan Island:

Mactan Island is very accessible, boasting a variety of transportation options. Travelers can easily reach the island by sea, air, or road from Cebu City.

By Road from Cebu City:

Mactan Island is connected to Cebu Island by bridges. Travelers can take taxis, Grab rides, or local jeepneys from Cebu City to Mactan Island, with the journey usually ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, subject to traffic conditions and the precise destination on Mactan Island.

By Air:

Mactan-Cebu International Airport, located on Mactan Island, is the main gateway to the island. You can fly directly from various domestic and international destinations to Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The airport offers numerous flights daily, providing convenient access to Mactan Island for travelers arriving by air.

Mactan Water Sports Activities:

For those seeking excitement, Mactan offers a variety of thrilling water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. Visitors can speed across the waves on jet skis, soaring high above the water while parasailing, or hold on tight for a wild ride on a banana boat towed by a speedboat.

Snorkeling and diving are also must-do activities in Mactan, thanks to its vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Snorkelers can explore colorful underwater gardens teeming with tropical fish, while divers can descend into the depths to discover hidden caves, wrecks, and fascinating marine creatures like sea turtles, rays, and reef sharks.

For a more relaxed experience, visitors can try paddleboarding or kayaking along the island’s calm coastline, taking in the stunning scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Stand-up paddleboarding has become increasingly popular, offering a fun and challenging way to explore the island’s coastline while getting a workout at the same time.

Islands and Isles near Mactan:

Tourist swimming in the turquoise green sea in Cebu

Olango Island, located off the coast of Mactan Island in Cebu, is renowned as a key stopover for migratory birds. Its top attraction is the expansive 920-hectare Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, serving as a sanctuary for birds migrating from Siberia, Northern China, and Japan, seeking refuge from harsh winter climates. This sanctuary hosts the largest concentration of migratory birds in the Philippines.

Olango Island is also renowned for its diverse dive sites, including Mabini Point, known for encounters with sharks like hammerheads. Baring offers one of the deepest wall dives, while Santa Rosa features a sandy bottom with soft corals and a drop-off leading to depths of 50 meters, teeming with reef fish and other marine life.
Apart from its natural attractions, Olango Island also boasts charming coastal villages where visitors can experience the laid-back island life and interact with the friendly locals.

Gilutungan Island, Caohagan Island, and Nalusuan Island form a trio of enchanting tropical islands just off the coast of Mactan Island, near Olango. Renowned for their white sand beaches, crystalline turquoise waters, and rich marine ecosystems, these islands beckon visitors seeking adventure and relaxation.
These idyllic destinations are popular destinations for day trips and island hopping excursions, attracting travelers with their vibrant underwater landscapes. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts flock to these islands to explore their colorful coral reefs and encounter a diverse array of marine species.

The Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary is a captivating underwater oasis nestled within the Hilutungan Channel near Mactan Island. Renowned for its pristine coral reefs and rich biodiversity, this protected area is a haven for marine life and a popular destination for snorkelers and divers alike.

Mactan Island's Best Dive Sites:

Turtle spotted during diving in Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Mactan offers diving experiences suitable for divers of all skill levels. From thrilling drop-offs, caves, and deep walls to serene coral gardens, wrecks, and seagrass meadows, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer shore dives or day boat diving, Mactan’s numerous resorts provide convenient access to vibrant reefs and diverse marine life, including pelagic species.

The most popular sites are:

Kontiki House Reef caters perfectly to novice divers while offering plenty of excitement for the more seasoned ones. With a gentle slope descending to 50 meters, it’s an ideal spot for skill enhancement and captivating night dives. Exploring the area reveals an abundance of crabs, shrimp, and sea snakes amidst vibrant corals, seagrass meadows, and pebbly terrain, providing ample opportunities for macro photography enthusiasts.

The Tambuli Plane Wreck, resting between 18 and 22 meters on a steep slope, welcomes divers of all proficiency levels, although caution is advised as the slope descends to depths of 80 meters and beyond. At 5 meters, a delightful reef adorned with soft corals awaits, harboring intriguing inhabitants like the elusive pipefish. The plane wreck itself has evolved into a thriving artificial reef, drawing macro photographers with its rich biodiversity.

Marigondon Cavern beckons to advanced divers with its entrance located at 30 meters depth. While its vast opening spans 15 meters wide, adventurers can venture further into the cave, reaching depths of around 60 meters. A reliable torch is indispensable for navigating the darkness within. Given the average depth of 25 meters, nitrox is recommended for extending bottom time and enhancing safety.

Shangri-La Marine Sanctuary, situated in front of its Shangri-La resort, showcases a meticulously preserved and vibrant reef amidst crystal-clear waters. Massive hard and soft corals sustain a diverse ecosystem, featuring an array of marine life such as parrotfish, lionfish, and even the elusive giant green frogfish. Schools of jack and batfish add to the spectacle, creating an immersive underwater experience akin to navigating through an expansive aquarium. While most of the site caters to open water divers, its depth extending beyond 80 meters makes it a favored destination for deep diving enthusiasts as well.

Where to stay:

Beachfront Shangri-La Resort, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Accommodations on Mactan Island cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets, offering everything from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels and cozy guesthouses. The island’s coastline is dotted with an array of accommodations, providing guests with easy access to vibrant coral reefs, and exciting water activities.

For those seeking luxury, Mactan boasts numerous world-class resorts, including Shangri-La, Crimson, and Mövenpick, renowned for their amenities, impeccable service, and breathtaking ocean views.