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If you're planning to have a vacation here in the World's Best Island, Palawan, for 10 or more people, we would be happy to build a customized travel itinerary and quote for your group.

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Group discount

We can offer awesome discounted group rate depending on your preference whether you are a group of friends who seek adventure and want to hang out in this paradise getaway, families who wants to have family reunions, companies who wish to have their conventions, seminars, trainings, workshops, MICE, and team building activities in Palawan.

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Special interest

We are also open for transactions with groups of bird watchers, wreck divers, marine biologists, and members of the academe who wish to conduct studies and explore the beauty that is offered by the wonderful Palawan.

Plan your trip

Through the years, Palawan has flourished in the field of tourism due to its incomparable natural beauty which may be enjoyed during almost any day of the year. To cater the tourists who flock in the island-province known to be the last frontier of the Philippines, various accommodations ranging from first to third class have continuously appeared in the island of Palawan along with the many activities that tourists and visitors can enjoy.

Mostly, Palawan is known for its undoubtable beauty. Due to this, it is very understandable for most people who come in this paradise to go after its beaches and the marine life which you can encounter in diving and snorkeling activities. But what many people overlook is that Palawan can also serve as a great location for more serious and professional events such as meetings, conferences, and team building activities which are done mostly by companies and offices.

After a long, rigorous discussion, your brain needs something to ease stress and what better to do that than to look at the calming view of the sea or to hear the chirping of birds in the trees in a balcony?

Some accommodations in Palawan have function halls which can be scheduled for work-related events but also for family gatherings, reunions, and many others. And of course, to spice up a trip with family or friends, you can try activities such as birdwatching, trekking, and many others.

Whatever your preferences and plans here in Palawan are, no matter how big or small your group is, we in Travel Palawan can help you! We are very knowledgeable when it comes to the destinations that we market as well as the local services that you can avail here in this island paradise.

Our experienced staff can provide you with personalized services with the most suitable and exciting services for you based on your preferences! Hotels? Tours? Activities? Name it, and we’ll provide you with a market-competitive package along with wholesale prices that are perfect for your trip to Palawan!
We are affiliated with all major hotels and accommodations here in Palawan as well as with all major and small suppliers who can assist with the preparation of your chosen itinerary to assure you with a hassle-free escapade.

And since our company cater tourists from various parts of the world, we provide 24/7 assistance where we answer inquiries and clarifications of clients regarding their trip.
Wide variety of fun and enjoyable activities, experienced staff who provides you with 24/7 assistance, affordable and justifiable rates, what more can you ask?

MICE and Incentive Groups in the Philippines

Over the years, Philippines have grown popular worldwide with its picturesque views and astonishing natural beauty; and tourists from various races have longed to come to this Southeast Asian country.

Not only does its biodiversity charm foreign guests but its rich culture and eventful history have also found its way to the hearts of visitors who come to the Philippines. Having Palawan which was hailed as the World’s Best Island and the World’s Friendliest Island, the Philippines’ economy has slowly turned into tourism-based over agriculture and many other industries.

This beautiful country which is composed of over 7,000 islands has and still continues to awe people from all over the world with its magnificent versatility and the ambiance of joy in whichever part of the country you go to.

However, due to this reputation, most people usually limits Philippines as a country which only offers beaches, mountains, and astounding sceneries that are only suitable for travel bugs and those who wish to have a fun tropical escapade. Little do they know that the Philippines is also suitable for more formal events such as meetings, conferences, events, and incentive programs that would fit anyone or any group’s preference depending on certain situations and circumstances.

A group of colleagues participating in team building activities
Setting for a Gala Dinner at the restaurant

Top reasons why your should come to the Philippines

  • Now you might ask, ‘Why Philippines?’ Well, through the course of time, Philippines has gone through various colonization which makes it adept to Asian and Western cultures. This simple fact supports the idea that Filipinos will be able to entertain guests with utmost hospitality upon arrival which is important especially when you will be dealing with a pressing matter with a team of investors or co-workers.


  • Its great scenery can help uplift the mood and change the heavy ambiance into a lighter one. Meetings and Conferences are usually done inside a closed hall and doing it for three days straight is suffocating already for the participants and attendees. Being in closed halls makes people feel as if they have not left their normal working places which keeps them from feeling soothed at all. This itself, defeats the purpose of going out for conferences.


  • Due to the Philippines vast natural beauty, guests may step out from the hall for a little or look at their windows only to be welcomed by the view of the ocean or the mountains among others. The scenery will help guests calm down and relax when the topics get a little too much for them to handle. A clear trail of thoughts is important during important decision-making.


  • Now, if one of your employees have performed well or have successfully achieved an important milestone or goal for the company, don’t you think rewarding him or her with a nice relaxing trip is acceptable and proper?
    To keep your staff happy ad satisfied with his or her job, the boss should be able to make that employee feel that they are appreciated and cared for. It is important to make employees feel like they are valued. Being valued by people you always strive to impress and work hard for is something very fulfilling to employees. And Philippines got just the right variety for you to choose from. Mountains? Gardens, parks, heritage sites, beaches, dive sites, name it, the Philippines have it. Why would you give yourself a hard time choosing when you can have all at one place? Wouldn’t that be more enjoyable?


  • And since were already talking about making employees happy, why not have team building activities? Team building activities will help motivate employees to strive even more in completing their tasks for their employers. Always remember, the employees are the one that keeps a company or an agency alive.
    Due to its various destinations, co-workers may bask in the crystal clear waters or go hike together or maybe just go sightseeing. But the important factor is that the relationship between colleagues at work along with their boss can be strengthened through activities that they could do together.


However, let me clarify, group activities in the Philippines are not only limited for co-workers. It can also be done by groups of friends and families!
What better way to improve relationships that go to a tropical paradise with so much diversity?

Contact us and we can assure you that our experienced travel consultants here can provide you with the best itineraries that would fit your preferences and ideal course of activity.

A Friendly filipino man dancing during a parade
Gala dinner on a island in El Nido
Aerial view of Matinloc Beach Resort