Top 10 Beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Palawan

Palawan is the new Philippines beach lover’s paradise. Palawan is home to many stunning beaches, which made the task of naming the best a tough one! Here are our TOP 10 most beautiful beaches in Palawan.

1. Nacpan Beach

Nacpan is El Nido’s most beautiful beach that captivates the heart of its visitors. It’s a serene tropical paradise perfect for escaping from the crowds.
Nacpan Beach is located about 45-minute drive away from El Nido town.

Accommodation: Calitang Beach Resort

Location: El Nido

2. Sabang Beach

Set along the dramatic, undeveloped coast of Palawan’s eastern shore, Sabang Beach is one of the island’s most famous beach, known for being the jumpoff point to the Underground River. Despite its popularity, however, it’s still a quiet place to spend a few days relaxing.

Accommodation: Sheridan Beach Resort

Location: Sabang, Underground River

3. Seven Commandos Beach

Seven Commandos Beach is a heaven on earth with pristine white sands, turquoise calm water, and lined with coconut trees. It’s ranked one of the best beaches in El Nido. It’s accessible only by boat and it’s generally last stop on the islands hopping tour.

Accommodation: Vellago Resort

Location: El Nido

4. Long Beach

San Vicente receives far less visitors than El Nido – which means you a greater chance of having this beautiful beach all to yourself.
San Vicente’s Log Beach extends for about 9 miles, is the longest golden sand stretches in the Philippines.

Accommodation: Club Agutaya Resort

Location: San Vicente

5. Las Cabanas Beach

La Cabanas Beach is the closest beach to El Nido town and recently it has become one of the most favourite El Nido beaches among travelllers.
Las Cabanas is much better than the beach in the town and it’s the perfect place to unwind and relax till the sunset.
Las Cabanas is about 15 minutes-drive from El Nido town.

Accommodation: Las Cabanas Beach Resort

Location: El Nido

6. Nagtabon Beach

Nagtabon is a lovely tropical beach easily accessible from Puerto Princesa city. It features 5-miles of pristine coastline, where you’ll find yourself sharing the beach with only people. Its quiet atmosphere invites you to unwind and listen to the waves crash gently on the shores.

Accommodation: Villa Nagtabon

Location: Puerto Princesa

7. Duli Beach

It takes some effort to get to this remote beach, but it’s worth it. On this quiet, almost deserted stretch of sand you will find clear water and lush tropical vegetation.
Waters can be rough and waves can get big, making this a great spot for surfers. Duli beach is about 1-hour drive away from El Nido town.

Accommodation: Duli Beach Resort

Location: El Nido

8. Pamuayan Beach

Pamuayan Beach in Port Barton is one of Palawan best beaches. With white sands extending nearly 1 miles, it’s one of the most beautiful, undeveloped beaches in Palawan. It’s the perfect place for relaxing on the beach with only nature in sight.

Accommodation : Mermaid Paradises JR Resort

Location: Port Barton

9. Talaudyong Beach

This gorgeous beach close to Nagtabon Beach is great for swimming and sunbathing.
Talaudyong Beach is completely unheard for by tourist and rarely frequented by locals. You have to rent a motorbike to get there as there is no public transport.

Accommodation: Talaudyong Beach, Private Beach House

Location: Puerto Princesa

10. Banol Beach Coron

Banol is a tiny little beach with incredibly crystal-clear waters. It’s a unique venue for a picnic lunch with Coron Tour.
Banol Beach graced by dramatic rock formation is one of the best places in Coron to get a great photo.

Accommodation: none

Location: Coron