A starfish in Hond Bay

    Honda Bay Islands Hopping


    Honda Bay Island Hopping is an exciting day trip to the enchanting islands scattered around the bay, washed by turquoise clear waters teeming with marine life.

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    Honda Bay Travel Guide

    All the info you need to know about Honda Bay

    Honda Bay is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Puerto Princesa well known for its white sand beaches, wonderful landscapes and coral reef, home to abundant marine life.

    This tropical paradise of Puerto Princesa, boasts a number of beautiful islands, islets, and sandbars that are commonly visited by tourists on a day trip.

    These islands have various diving and snorkeling sites where you will experience the beauty of the marine ecosystem of Puerto Princesa.

    According to locals, the Spanish that gave the bay its name. Honda, in Spanish, means “deep bay,” with the “H” traditionally pronounced as silent.

    What to see:

    If you want to visit Honda Bay, here are some of our favourite island, not to be missed:


    • Pandan Island (or Makesi Island):  is a private island with a resort with the finest white sand in the area. Pandan Island, owned by Legend Hotel, can be visited as a day trip.’


    • Cowrie Island: is the most popular island in the bay. It offers several activities such as jet skiing and snorkeling, and has few cabanas, bars, and restaurants.


    • Luli Island: is a sandbar that appears during low tide and disappears during hide tide


    • Starfish Island: is named after abundant five-armed, orange starfish. Starfish Island has one of the best snorkeling site with abundant marine life and corals near the shore.

    When to go:

    Honda Bay can be visited all year round, however, the time to go there is during the dry season between November and early May.

    Getting There

    To get to Honda Bay, you will have to take a drive north of the city proper to the Sta. Lourdes wharf. From Sta. Lourdes wharf board you proceed to Honda Bay by “banca” (native outrigger boat). Honda Bay is located is less than 1 hour’s boat ride.

    Recommended Tours

    Honda Bay can be visited as a day trip. The classic Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour includes three islands ( Cowrie, Luli and Stafish).

    The tour package 4-day Explore Puerto Princesa is an enjoyable tour package that features the most interesting attractions of the capital of Palawan, including the Underground River and Honda Bay.

    Want to see more attractions in Puerto Princesa, which are not included in our ready-made tours? The answer is simple: Request a Tailor Made Tour

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    Where to stay

    Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa is the perfect place to stay in Honda Bay far from the crowds in complete comfort.  In this secluded sanctuary just a boat ride across Honda Bay, you get to delight in the beautiful white sands and crystalline waters.

    Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa is an exclusive eco-friendly resort with elegantly furnished cottages like Bay Cottages located in the shallow waters and Beach Villa Cottages located on the fined sand beach.