Palawan: Travel at low cost

Indeed Palawan has people from all over the world looking at it after being hailed as the “Best Island in the World” twice and consecutively. It became a premiere tourist destination due to its untouched natural resources which are undoubtedly beautiful and jaw-dropping. Not to mention the sudden tourism growth it has been experiencing due to the New 7 Wonders of Nature’s Puerto Princesa Underground River which is found in Sabang.

Due to Palawan’s popularity to many tourists and for being a high-class destination, many have gotten false thoughts about the majestic island saying that travelling in Palawan would be very costly – which I shall prove you wrong.

Budget Accommodation in Palawan

Though there are already a lot of luxurious beach resorts, guest houses, island resorts, and five – star hotels built in various places and islands in Palawan, there are still inns and pensionne houses where backpackers may stay during their travel in Palawan.

Most of these accommodation establishments may be found at the Poblacion or the business centre of the City of Puerto Princesa. The fee would only cost a few hundreds of pesos, their room rates usually range from 300 to 1,000 Php depending upon the type of room you will get and the things that it has in it such as bathrooms, fans, air conditioning unit, television, and the bed. The number of the guests in a room may also affect the rates.

Budget Transportation in Palawan

Aside from the accommodation, transportation is also important, especially when going to Palawan since some landmarks are really far.

There are tour packages but it has a specific schedule of how long you can only stay in an area. You would want to just hire public transportations to fully enjoy going around the city. Here is some fare guide for you:



They are the most common form of public transportation in Palawan and are pretty practical for commuters. The fare rate starts at Php 8. You may ask the driver to take you even to streets which are not part of the main avenue. This form of transportation is convenient when you have heavy things with you.

Jeepneys and Multicabs

If you are going to longer distances, you may want to ride a jeepney or a multi-cabs to avoid paying too much since tricycle drivers sometimes ask for bigger fare if you ask them to take you to far areas from the Poblacion or from where you took the ride.

Jeepneys and multi-cabs have assigned routes which are written on the front part or the sides of the cab so people will immediately know which one to ride and to avoid confusion, especially during the rush hours.

The fare rate starts at Php 8 and may reach up to Php 25 depending on the distance of your destination.


When dealing with drivers, make sure you have clear communication with them to avoid misunderstandings and to avoid complications. Also, make sure to always have coins or have bills with smaller denominations with you so drivers won’t have a hard time when they give you the change.

Most of the banks and money changing establishments are found in the Poblacion, so if you’re planning to go out of the Poblacion area, make sure the money you have with you is enough.

Travelling to Palawan is not costly as what many thinks, it just so happened that it is being advertised as a destination that is very prestigious making people misunderstand Palawan.

Palawan is a place where the elites, the commoners, and travellers, gather to see first – hand the beauty and richness of nature that is possessed.