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    Venture off the beaten path to visit the municipality of Balabac which is home to some of the Palawan's most beautiful islands.

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    The Best Balabac Islands

    A guide to the most beautiful Island in Balabac.

    Palawan is one of the Philippine’s most popular tourist draws – its pristine beaches, clear waters and tropical climate make for the perfect vacation destination all year-round.

    Selecting the best places to visit can often be a daunting task for first-time visitors. Most of travelers end up going to Palawan’s most popular tourist hotspots like El Nido, Coron and Port Barton.

    But if you are one of those travelers who like to take the road less traveled, the remote municipality of Balabac offers a wide assortment of fantastic islands where you can find some solitude away from the tourist crowds.

    Patongong Island

    Patongong Island, Balabac

    Patongong Island, also known as Patunggong Island is a small island entirely encircled by white sand beach. Here you’ll have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear turquoise waters and discover the rich marine life.

    The beach is quiet and peaceful, making it the prefect place to relax in the cottages or under the shade of the various coconut trees. This island also offers amazing backdrops for a picture-perfect selfie.

    Patongong Island is the closest islands to Buliluyan Port in Brookes Point and takes around 1 hour by bangka boat to get there.

    Tangkahan Island

    Tangkahan Island

    Tangkahan Island is located about 30 minutes boat ride away from Patongong Island.

    It’s bigger than Patongong Island and it offers a longer shoreline.

    While you’re there, you can go swimming and snorkeling or walk along the beachfront and get lost in the island’s untouched sceneries.

    Patawan Island

    The beaches in Balabac are mostly white, but when you’ll go to Patawan Island, at some angles, you can see a pinkish hue because of its fragments of broken red corals. Plus, the water here is crystal-clear and the scenery beautiful.

    This tiny island with a shape that resembles a dolphin is located about 30 minutes boat ride away from Patongong Island.

    Colorful marine life and sea snakes thrive in the shallow waters around the island, but attacks on people are rare – definitely an experience for daredevil tourists.

    Punta Sebaring

    Punta Sebaring in Bugsuk Island is perfect as a base for exploring the nearby islands. There is a simple and close to nature resort that can accommodate up to 8 people. The resort is totally built with locally-sourced materials such as wood, bamboo and nipa palms. It’s also a great spot to stop for enjoying a lunch with grilled fresh seafood.

    Punta Sebaring has its unique charm and boasts the finest and whitest sand among the beaches in Palawan. The white sand of Punta Sebaring stands in stark contrast to the turquoise water making it ideal for spending the day relaxing in the sun.

    Punta Sebaring is the third longest sandbar in the Philippines.

    Mansalangan sandbar

    Balabac Strait is known for its shallow waters due to the presence of shoals and numerous sandbars.

    Some of the most scenic sandbars in the Philippines are found here. Mansalangan Sandbar in Canabungan Island is another jaw-dropping spot to take your Instagram Contents to the Next Level.

    Mansalangan sandbar can be visited only during low tide.

    Candaraman Island

    Candaraman Island is a gorgeous island with lush forest and pristine crystal clear waters.

    The long line of white powdery shore dotted with hundreds of coconut trees connect to a wide spectacular stretch of sandbar that become exposed during low tides. You can walk across it and witness the colorful starfishes and other marine creatures.

    The shallow waters surrounding Candaraman Island are likened a swimming pool, still and serene.

    Canibungan Island

    Canibugan Island

    Canibungan Island boasts a gorgeous white-sand beach scattered with pine trees.

    The seagrass beds that are sheltered in the shallow waters, throughout the Island, create a delightful contrast of colors. Colorful fishes of different sizes and corals thrive in the rich reef near the coastline.

    Comiaran Island – Pink Island

    Comiaran Island also known as “Pink Island” is a virgin island characterized by the pink color of its sand. The pink hue comes from a fine mix of crushed red and white corals.
    Be prepared for 2-hours long boat ride to get there, but it’s really worth it as you will be rewarded with terrific views, especially on broad daylight.

    When the sun set down, the stretch of beach around the island become a nesting site for endangered marine turtle. If you’re lucky, you might see the baby turtles emerging from their nests and dashing for the ocean.

    Braggy island

    The infamous Braggy island, with beautiful mangrove and crystal-clear waters, is known to be the habitat of the large saltwater crocodiles.

    This tiny island is part of the barangay Bugsuk Island.

    Onuk Island

    Though each island in Balabac has its own unique appeal, Onuk Island has some have advantages over the others.

    This privately owned island, known for its unbelievably crystal clear waters, offers a comfortable resort accommodation option in Balabac.

    Onuk Island has gained some recent popularity when a Filipino photographer George Tapan’s photo won an award in the National Geographic. The photo highlight a beautiful rainbow after the rain.