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    Beyond the forests of San Vicente lies the best kept secrets of Palawan. Stretches of coves of super fine and almost white sand beaches line the ocean . One is named Long beach for its 14.5 kilometer stretch. Club Agutaya…

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    San Vicente Attractions

    What you need to see while you’re in San Vicente

    San Vicente is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. It is 186km from the capital of the Province.


    Alimanguan Beach


    This municipality is politically subdivided into 10 barangays, including Port Barton. Here, the main occupation of the community is fishing, farming, while this municipality is now gaining recognition as a center of interest for tourism. There are bay, undeveloped beach, jungle, and port access along with a few shops and markets for visitors. Facing the bay are several green islands scattered in the distance including islands from Port Barton archipelago. Some of the islands offer accommodation while others don’t have because there are no nearest sources of fresh water.

    There are many activities for the tourists to do here, aside from relaxation or sleep on particular islands, – scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling around to the nearest islands, swimming in the crystal clear water of the ocean, visiting fishing village on the neighboring islands and to its famous but undeveloped long beach the longest beach in the Philippines, for about 14 km long.

    For sightseeing, San Vicente is endowed with white sand beaches, coral reefs, islands and islets, waterfalls, vast forest cover, mangroves, and varied endemic flora. San Vicente serves as habitat for 23 of the 25 wildlife species found in the island of Palawan.

    Long Beach

    Long Beach

    San Vicente’s 14.7-kilometer beachfront, popularly called Long Beach, is the main attraction of San Vicente.

    Long Beach is the longest stretch of white sand beach in the Philippines, more than three times longer than the world-famous Boracay’s white beach.

    Unlike the popular beaches of El Nido, San Vicente’s Long Beach offer a laid-back, uncrowded and uncommercialized experience, ideal for travellers who wish to go off the beaten path and enjoy the simple life by the beach.

    Accommodation: Club Agutaya Resort

    Recommended Length of Visit: 3-4 days

    Activities: Swimming, Longing at the Beach, Island Hopping 

    Malagnang Mud Festival

    Malagnang (mud) Festival

    The most important festival in San Vicente is the Malagnang Festival. The word “Malagnang”, in the local dialect literally means “Mud” which signifies fertile soil that gave life and prosperity to the early settlers of the town.

    The Malagnang Mud Festival is an annual celebration hosted by the barangay government as a way of nurturing the heritage of holding on together.

    Local residents and visitors take part in various competitions and cultural programs.

    The festival usually culminates in the stiff competition of Mud Street Dancing and the Mutya ng Malagnang (Miss San Vicente) coronation on the last day of the three-day non-stop activities.

    Location: Long Beach

    When: June 19 to 21

    Activities: Street dancing and cultural programs

    Exotic Island

    Exotic Island

    The Exotic Island is actually composed of two islands with shallow waters between them (see also Double Island). This beautiful location is a perfect place for swimming and for having lunch on the beach.

    Exotic Island is one of the travellers’ favourite islands in Port Barton, thanks to its unique landscape with a narrow channel where it’s possible to swim from one island to another.

    Snorkelers would, however, find it hard to find good spots for their interests but don’t lose hope!

    Snorkeler enthusiasts may spot schools of beautiful, colorful, tropical fish and coral reef.

    Location: Port Barton Bay

    Activities: Snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming

    Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

    Recommended Tour: Port Barton Island Hopping Tour A

    Paradise Island

    Paradise Island

    The Paradise Island is a privately owned island which had a small resort in it once. At present, there are only caretakers left on the island, a small family who have tasked to maintain the environment in the area by keeping poachers away from the reef.

    In the past, the reefs of this island suffered immense damage due to destructive fishing practices but later on, slowly, the reef grew back into what it is now.

    The highlight of Paradise Island are the beautiful large fan corals .

    Tourists have to pay a small fee to enter which is given to the caretakers as compensation for their hard work in the area.

    Location: Port Barton Bay

    Activities: Snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming

    Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

    Recommended Tour: Port Barton Island Hopping Tour B

    German Island

    German Island

    German Island is another privately owned island which can be visited while you are in Port Barton.

    It’s a good place for snorkeling with coral reef teeming with colorful marine life, just a few meters from the shore.

    You can snorkel around the beach, but the most beautiful patches of coral gardens are a bit far, and it’s worth the extra swim.

    Swimming a little further would also be a good option since it might just give you an awesome treat, seeing various colorful schools of fish, beautiful corals, and occasionally, sea turtles.

    German island is also a good spot for lunches.

    Location: Port Barton Bay

    Activities: Snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming

    Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

    Recommended Tour: Port Barton Island Hopping Tour A

    Classic San Vicente Tour Options:


    • Port Barton Island Hopping: discover some of the beautiful islands and snorkeling sites in Port Barton.


    • Boayan Island: discover the biggest island in San Vicente. It has secluded white sand beaches, lush forest, and spectacular marine life.

    Suggested 4- days Itinerary

    Day 1: Arrive San Vicente
    Day 2: Port Barton Island Hopping
    Day 3: Boayan Island
    Day 4: Depart San Vicente