Swimming pool at Club Agutaya

    Club Agutaya

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    Club Agutaya is a boutique Resort situated directly on San Viecente Long Beach, a long stretch of super fine sand with clear blue water, perhaps the best-keep secret beach in Palawan.

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    Palawan is the most beautiful tourist destination in the Philippines with a variety of islands, beaches, and other natural beauty, all to be enjoyed on a Palawan vacation.

    How to get to San Vicente?

    All the info you need to know about getting to San Vicente.

    San Vicente is nestled in the north-west of Palawan’s mainland, bounded by the Philippine West Sea in the West, the municipality of Taytay in the north, Roxas in the East and City of Puerto Princesa in the Southwest.

    By Air

    The most practical way for the short-term visitor to get into San Vicente is by air. The newly opened airport in San Vicente, is served by Philippine Airlines providing a convenient direct flight from Manila Clark. The flight to San Vicente has been suspended until further notice. We believe it will resume as soon as more tourists will travel to Palawan.

    San Vicente airport is near the famous Long Beach and 20 minutes away from the town proper.
    A tricycle ride from the airport to your hotel on the long beach would only take 10 minutes.

    Another way to reach San Vicente is via Puerto Princesa International Airport, which is located about 3 hours away.

    By Road

    Regular shuttle vans operate to/from Puerto Princesa. Another option would be to hire a private van and avoid the hassle of using public transport. The private van is also the best option whether you have a large family or you are a group of friends.

    The road from Puerto Princesa to San Vicente is paved and in good condition.

    It’s advisable to book a private transfer from/to El Nido because this route is not covered by any reliable public transport.

    By Sea

    There are bangka ferries providing service from San Vicente to Port Barton and the islands. The price range from PHP 200 to PHP 1000, depending on the boat and the number of passengers.

    Get Around El Nido

    By Tricycle

    The primary mode of transport in San Vicente is the motorized tricycle cab. This colorful vehicle can take up to 3-4 passengers including small luggage.

    By Boat

    Travel by boat around the Islands of Port Barton is easy. You can hire a private boat or join one of the island hopping tours.

    By motorbike

    Motorbike rentals are also available in the San Vicente area. Prices start from PHP 700 per day/ per motorbike.