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  • Full Day
  • Group tour

The Coron Reef and Wreck Tour offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the abundant marine life of Coron, as well as several sunken WW2 ships that rest in the shallow waters.


Meet the tour guide at the hotel and depart by boat for the full-day Coron Reef & Wreck Tour. Stop at Pass Island and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the shallow waters surrounded by coral reefs and marine life. Then, head to Lusong Coral Garden, an excellent snorkeling spot with a kilometer-long stretch of coral reef and a nearby Japanese wreck that snorkelers can access at a depth of 5 to 15 meters.
After the tour, transfer back to your hotel.

  • Highlights
  • Pass Island is a true paradise, boasting breathtaking seascapes and a pristine, pure-white sandy beach. The azure waters surrounding the island are shallow and warm, inviting visitors to swim, snorkel, or simply bask in the sun.
    The East Tangat Wreck is believed to be a submarine hunter that belonged to the Imperial Japanese Navy. The wreckage site is situated on a sandy slope close to a reef, at a depth of approximately 20 meters. Snorkeling in this area is an excellent activity because the site is surrounded by vivid corals and a diverse range of tropical fish.
    The Lusong Gunboat Wreck is a renowned snorkeling and diving destination situated in the stunning Coron Bay. At a depth of 5 to 15 meters, the shipwreck offers an exciting opportunity to explore a piece of history underwater. The surrounding reef is teeming with a diverse range of tropical fish, adding to the allure of the site.
    A mere few minutes away from the Lusong Gunboat Wreck lies the awe-inspiring Lusong Coral Garden, widely considered one of the best coral gardens in the Coron region. With a wide variety of coral species, the garden is home to a diverse array of aquatic life.
  • Includes
  • Hotel pick up /drop off within Coron town
    Transfers by shared boat
    Picnic Lunch
    English speaking guide
  • Snorkeling gears (PHP 150 per set)
    Environmental fee (PHP 200 per person)
Booking notes

The price provided is intended as a guideline and is based on a group boat tour. Please feel free to contact us for a personalized quote.

Our company offers private tours that guarantee exclusive use of the boat. Although they are more expensive than shared tours, private tours offer greater flexibility in terms of selecting destinations and the length of stay at each location. To book a private tour, kindly contact us via email, and our team will be happy to assist you with planning a customized itinerary to suit your preferences and interests.


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