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Venture off the beaten path and explore the stunning municipality of Balabac, home to some of the most beautiful islands in Palawan. With our Balabac Island Hopping Adventure 3 Days / 2 Nights tour package, you can discover the Maldives of the Philippines and experience its pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Located in the southernmost part of Palawan, Balabac is a secluded hidden paradise composed of 36 virgin islands. These islands offer breathtaking scenery and are home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the Philippines mouse-deer, dugongs, saltwater crocodiles, sawfishes, and sea turtles.

While traveling to Balabac may not be an easy undertaking, the unspoiled natural beauty and rich marine life make it a worthwhile adventure. Our tour package provides a convenient and hassle-free way to explore these spectacular islands and experience the wonder of Balabac.

Join our Balabac Adventure 3 Days / 2 Nights tour package and get ready to discover the hidden gem of Palawan.


Get ready for an early morning pickup between 2:30-3:00am from your hotel. Travel by private vehicle for approximately 5-6 hours, followed by a one-hour bangka boat ride from Buliluyan port to Balabac Archipelago. Today, you will explore some of the remote islands of the archipelago, including Tangkahan Island, Patawan/Dolphin Island, and Sicsican Island, renowned for their crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, sandbars, and pristine environments. Spend the night at basic accommodations, which may consist of a tent or a simple room. (lunch and dinner)

Spend an extra day exploring the stunning and remote islands situated at the southwesternmost tip of Palawan. Today's itinerary includes Candaram Island, Starfish Sand Bar, and Onok Island, which is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and considered one of the best islands in Palawan. Spend the night at basic accommodation.(breakfast, lunch, dinner)

This morning at 5:00am, board the boat to Buliluyan port and then proceed by van to Puerto Princesa, arriving in the late afternoon.(breakfast)

Booking notes

The package includes basic accommodation for 2 nights, as well as all internal transportation by private van, meals, local guide and island hopping tours by private boat.

While it's generally safe for both foreign and local tourists to travel in Balabac, it's still recommended that you avoid traveling alone and instead travel with a tour package for added safety and security.

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