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Explore the wonders of Bacuit Bay’s underwater world with a diving adventure in El Nido. Witness the diverse marine life and stunning underwater sceneries.

El Nido is the perfect destination for those seeking a tropical island getaway with white sand beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s also an ideal spot for diving enthusiasts to explore the diverse marine life that abounds in the area, from pelagic creatures to fascinating critters.

Discover the beauty of El Nido’s underwater world and spot macro highlights like seahorses, nudibranch, scorpion fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, jawfish and blennies. Keep an eye out for big fish sightings such as reef sharks, eagle and marble rays, schooling jacks, snapper, barracuda, and groupers, while sea turtles can be seen at most dive sites.

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2 DIVES: ₱4,725 per person
3 DIVES: ₱5,460 per person


Meet up with the dive center at the designated location and head to the first dive site in Bacuit Bay. After the first dive, take a surface interval on the boat and proceed to the second dive site. Return to the boat for a picnic lunch and continue to the third dive site, or opt for free time to relax on the boat instead. After third dive, return to El Nido town.  Please note that the dive sites visited may vary depending on weather and sea conditions, as well as the experience level of the divers.

  • Highlights
  • With its diverse marine life, the shallow waters of Nat-Nat are home to an incredible array of corals, fish, and macro life. From the majestic turtles to the sleek yellow tail barracuda, trigger, rabbit, trumpet anemone fish, this dive site promises a feast for the eyes. One of the highlights of diving at Nat-Nat is the opportunity to witness the many species of nudibranch that call this reef home, making it a must-visit location for underwater photography enthusiasts.
    Twin Rocks, situated on the North side of Miniloc Island, boasts a distinct rock formation that appears as two separate islands from the surface, but are actually connected underwater. Divers can discover natural caverns, swim-throughs, and a variety of marine life including blue spotted stingrays, ribbon tails, and Ghost Pipefish in the sloping depth of 13-21m with a sandy bottom. The site is also adorned with a profusion of table corals, sea whips, and sponges.
    South Miniloc is a highly popular dive site in El Nido, located between Miniloc and Simizu islands near the famous Small and Big Lagoons. The area benefits from fresh nutrients brought by the current, resulting in a diverse range of marine life. Although occasional strong currents may occur, divers are rewarded with stunning coral gardens, schools of fish, and a chance to encounter pelagic such as tuna, mackerels, and big barracuda. Frogfish, ribbon eels, and nudibranchs can also be found in the shallow coral garden.
    Located in the south-east of Dilumacad Island, also known as Helicopter Island, this dive site features three distinct areas, including a southern reef, a large sandy patch, and a northern reef. It can be divided into two separate dive sites, and due to its proximity to El Nido town, it is a popular spot for diving in Bacuit Bay.
    The west side of Entalula Island features a wall dive suitable for all levels of divers seeking a deep dive experience. The dive begins on a reef at 5 meters and descends to a maximum depth of 35 meters. Along the way, small caverns offer opportunities to spot hidden fish. Marine life includes nudibranch, fire clam, octopus, lyonfish, anemonefish, filefish, mimic filefish, bristle-tail filefish, and stingray.
    Popolcan West, also known as Popolcan Underwater Forest, features pinnacles covered in soft and whip corals. Accessible by a 45-minute Bangka boat ride from El Nido town, the dive offers an easy shallow option following the slope or a deeper dive jumping from pinnacle to pinnacle. Divers should use a compass to avoid getting lost between the coral blocks. Currents are common in the channel, and visibility can vary.
  • Includes
  • 2 or 3 boat dives (depending on the package)
    Equipment, tanks and weights
    Experienced guide (1 guide for 4 divers)
    Lunch and soft drinks on board
  • Hotel pick up/drop off (available at a surcharge)
    El Nido environmental fee (PHP 400 per person)
Booking notes

If you are not certified, we offer an alternative package called "Discover Scuba Diving." This package is a great introduction to diving, and includes a brief theory lesson and a shallow dive.

You should not engage in scuba diving activities shortly before a flight. Diving and flying both involve changes in pressure that can affect your body, potentially leading to decompression sickness or other health issues. To ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience, please allow a minimum surface interval of 18-24 hours after your last dive before taking to the skies.

We offer a full refund for canceled dives due to adverse weather conditions.

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