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That's the beginning of your holiday which leaves plenty of opportunities to distress your mind and body. Here are some picturesque of the five, four, three, two star hotels and resorts in Palawan, imbibing the ultimate indoor and outdoor lifestyle that you should experience. What’s a better excuse to spend few weeks in the sun and just simply getaway from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life?

We provides a variety option of accommodations for traveler who wishes to stay as far away from the cities as possible, for traveler who seeks relaxation and for traveler who craves for an adventure. Here, it’ll help you organize your plans to travel around Palawan Island and help you find a better place to stay on its accommodation that offer you the quintessential tropical island holiday retreat and takes you away from the pollution of the city with featuring rooms that are largely feature wooden finishes, scents, and natural fabrics, completing your holiday experience of going across time.

Good to Know

Palawan Island is composed of 1,780 assemblage islands that you can never escape when you see and experience the beauty of untouched environment. Nothing defines Palawan more than the crystal clear water, virgin forest and refined white sand beach surrounding it. In the year 2015, Palawan is known as “The most beautiful island in the world” based on the survey of the most travelers.

What are you waiting for? Come to Palawan and share your experience with us!

Popular Location:Puerto Princesa, Coron, Port Barton, Underground River, El Nido, Narra
Beach area at Lagen Island El Nido Resort

    Lagen Island Resort

    5 Stars Resorts and Hotels

    Lagen Resort in El Nido, is nestled between a lush four-hectare forest and a calm, shallow lagoon, an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday in a private and…

    from  19,215.00
    Aerial view of Matinloc Beach Resort

      Matinloc Beach Resort

      5 Stars Resorts and Hotels

      Blessed with beautiful natural sceneries, Matinloc Resort is located in Matinloc Island, El Nido, Palawan, Phillipines. Matinloc Resort is attracting attention for the best spot for family vacations as well…

      from  18,300.00
      Exterior of Greenspace Palawan Hotel

        Greenspace Palawan Hotel

        Budget Resorts and Hotels

        Greenspace Palawan Hotel is a friendly family-run accommodation with an excellent location in the heart of Puerto Princesa, near Rizal Avenue providing easy access to the city’s top attractions and commercial hubs.

        from  1,650.00
        Exterior of Casa Kalaw

          Casa Kalaw Hotel

          4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

          Nestled within Lio Tourism Estate, the first eco-masterplanned development in El Nido, Palawan. Casa Kalaw is a Filipino-inspired hotel which provides warmth, comfort and convenience for getaways and intimate gatherings.

          from  5,915.00
          Beach Vacation at Apulit Island

            Apulit Island Resort

            4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

            Located in Northern Palawan, El Nido Resorts Apulit Island – Taytay provides a perfect getaway for those seeking a tropical paradise. The resort lies within an unspoiled cove with an…

            from  18,445.00
            Seaview rooms at Busuanga Bay Lodge

              Busuanga Bay Lodge

              4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

              Busuanga Bay Lodge is an elegant, boutique, resort hotel located in Coron, Busuanga on the island province of Palawan, a nature sanctuary known all over the world as Philippine’s last…

              from  8,500.00
              Exterior of Dolce Vita Hotel

                Dolce Vita Hotel

                Budget Resorts and Hotels

                Dolce Vita Hotel is a charming Garden Oasis in the booming City of Puerto Princesa. The outstanding architecture and unique designed Villa Suites in octagon shape are enchanting to guests,…

                from  1,550.00

                  El Rio Y Mar Resort

                  4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                  El Rio y Mar Resort, is one of the best 4-star accommodation in Coron, Busuanga, Palawan. It is one of the top hotels in Coron, offering quite luxury lifestyle, first-class…

                  from  5,400.00
                  Swimming pool at Coron Westown Resort

                    Coron Westown Resort

                    4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                    Coron Westown Resort offers guests first-class hotel rooms that blend Filipino culture and modern amenities in a total resort experience that is sure to tantalize the senses and relax the…

                    from  2,800.00
                    Beach area at the El Nido Beach Hotel

                      El Nido Beach Hotel

                      3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                      El Nido Beach Hotel is a relaxed beachfront hotel overlooking Bacuit Bay is located right of El Nido town proper, 10 minutes walk from the ferry terminal and just 8km from…

                      from  2,600.00
                      Aerial view of Taytay's Flower Island Resort

                        Flower Island Resort

                        3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                        Flower Island Resort is a hidden retreat with 20 bungalows set amid tropical vegetation, white sand beaches, and azure waters teeming with marine life. This secluded island paradise located in Taytay is the…

                        from  4,600.00
                        Kayaking at Emerald Playa

                          Microtel by Wyndham

                          3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                          Microtel by Wyndham is a beachfront hotel located on the white-sand shores of Emerald Beach in Puerto Princesa, where travelers can enjoy the crystalline waters of the Sulu Sea and…

                          from  2,150.00
                          Beach at Port Barton's White Beach Annex

                            White Beach Annex

                            Budget Resorts and Hotels

                            White Beach Annex Resort is hidden paradise on a secluded beach accessible only via boat from the peaceful small village of Port Barton.  This property has only 8 rooms scattered across…

                            from  2,500.00
                            Aerial view of Taytay's Noa Noa Island

                              Noa Noa Island Resort

                              4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                              Renting Noa Noa Island is the ultimate private vacation experience in Palawan. NoaNoa is a beautiful tropical island in Taytay bay, surrounded by a 70-hectare tropical coral reef, teeming with…

                              from  5,000.00
                              Aerial view of Club Paradise Resort Coron

                                Club Paradise Resort Coron

                                4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                Club Paradise is an exclusive island resort in Coron, Palawan dotted along UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is a tropical paradise strategically located amid Coron’s tourist attractions and exhilarating dive sites.

                                from  13,200.00
                                Sunset at the Centro Hotel

                                  Hotel Centro

                                  4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                  Hotel Centro is one the Puerto Princesa’s top hotel for tourists and business travellers, offering nothing but the best accommodation, for those who wish to indulge in the tropical paradise…

                                  from  2,300.00
                                  Swimming pool at Club Agutaya

                                    Club Agutaya

                                    4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                    Beyond the forests of San Vicente lies the best kept secrets of Palawan. Stretches of coves of super fine and almost white sand beaches line the ocean . One is…

                                    from  4,020.00
                                    Cottages at Dolarog Beach Resort El Nido

                                      Dolarog Beach Resort

                                      3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                      Dolarog Beach Resort is a beachfront resort set in a palm grove facing the Bacuit Bay’s Archipelago in El Nido. Beautiful white beaches, lagoons, crystal-clear water, incredible underwater sea-life and steep limestone cliffs…

                                      from  2,000.00
                                      Swimming Pool at One Manalo Place

                                        One Manalo Place

                                        Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                        One Manalo Place is a modern boutique hotel situated in the heart of Puerto Princesa City, providing easy access to shopping centers,  souvenir shops, banks and restaurants.  From the grand…

                                        from  2,850.00
                                        Garden at the Summer Homes

                                          Summer Homes Palawan

                                          3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                          Summer Homes Palawan is one of the best accommodation in Port Barton town. This resort is centrally located in the stretch of unspoilt, white sandy beach of Port Barton measuring…

                                          from  1,600.00
                                          Exterior of Balai Adlao Resort

                                            Balai Adlao

                                            4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                            Balai Adlao is the perfect choice for your stay in El Nido, Palawan. Balai Adlao offers its customers a peaceful retreat with its well-appointed rooms, high-quality amenities, and unparalleled location.

                                            from  4,944.00
                                            Aerial view of Cauayan Island Resort

                                              Cauayan Island Resort

                                              5 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                              Conveniently located on the private island in El Nido, Cauayan Island Resort is a great base to explore the archipelago of Bacuit Bay.  This lovely island boasts white-sand beach, coral reef, and…

                                              from  26,130.00
                                              Swimming Pool at the Hotel Fleuris

                                                Hotel Fleuris Palawan

                                                3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                Hotel Fleuris Palawan is one of the best 3 stars class hotels in Puerto Princesa. It offers gracious accommodations, and it’s conveniently located in the heart of Puerto Princesa walking…

                                                from  2,864.00
                                                Tranquil beach at Modessa Island

                                                  Modessa Island Resort

                                                  Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                  Nestled in the private island of Modessa, the beachfront resort boasts a private beach area where guests can enjoy activities such as diving and snorkeling. This islands resort is off…

                                                  from  4,100.00
                                                  Exterior of Pierhouse Lodging

                                                    Pierhouse Lodging

                                                    Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                    Pierhouse Lodging is a unique-looking white-stucco lodging house located in the tranquil Conception village, about 40 kilometers away from Coron town. Here guests can enjoy marvellous sunrises and sunsets, all in…

                                                    from  1,800.00
                                                    Swimming pool at the Acacia Tree Garden Hotel

                                                      Acacia Tree Garden Hotel

                                                      Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                      Acacia Tree Garden Hotel is a tranquil accommodation in a beautiful location in Puerto Princesa city center. This hotel boats lush gardens filled with Acacia trees, surrounding the Mediterranean-inspired white villas.

                                                      from  3,833.00
                                                      Deserted beach at Blue Cove Tropical Island Resort

                                                        Blue Cove Island Resort

                                                        Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                        Blue Cove Island Resort is located on Albaguen Island. This unspoiled island is perfect for enjoying the marine life protected area and discover numerous aquatic species. Blue Cove Island Resort…

                                                        from  1,300.00
                                                        Main Building at Hotel Covo

                                                          Hotel Covo

                                                          3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                          One of the best boutique hotels in Lio Estate in El Nido Palawan owned and managed by Ayala Hotels and Resorts. Hotel Covo offers 20 chic guest rooms with modern…

                                                          from  4,970.00
                                                          Outdoor dining at the Micasa Lodge Coron

                                                            Micasa Lodge Coron

                                                            3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                            Micasa Lodge Coron offers clean, comfortable rooms and amenities to make sure you have a memorable stay in the beautiful town of Coron. Located in National Highway Coron, it has…

                                                            from  1,540.00
                                                            Beach area at the Cooper Beach Resort

                                                              Cooper’s Beach Resort

                                                              3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                              Cooper’s Beach Resort in Puerto Princesa’s Honda Bay is the perfect accommodation for scuba divers. The resort provides high standard dive equipment and dive tours with professional dive masters.

                                                              from  1,400.00
                                                              Swimming Pool at Marianne Hotel

                                                                Marianne Hotel

                                                                3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                An eco-friendly retreat set amid the majestic, century-old trees of Barangay Bancao-Bancao in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Marianne Hotel presents a great accommodation in one of the Philippines’ most popular…

                                                                from  1,900.00
                                                                Night scene at Deep Forest Garden Inn

                                                                  Deep Forest Garden Inn

                                                                  3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                  Located in the heart of Puerto Princesa, Deep Forest Garden Hotel offers quality accommodation with excellent facilities and affordable rates. Deep Forest Garden Hotel is an ideal place to stay for a wonderful…

                                                                  from  1,200.00
                                                                  Exterior of Jilian Tourist Inn,

                                                                    Jilian Tourist Inn

                                                                    Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                    Jilian Tourist Inn is a budget accommodation located in the center of Puerto Princesa City, within a 3-minute walk of City Coliseum. The surrounding greenery environment emphasizes its proximity to…

                                                                    from  1,050.00
                                                                    Entrance of Holiday Suites

                                                                      Holiday Suites

                                                                      Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                      The modern and comfortable Holiday Suites Palawan is a combination of world-class sophistication and Filipino traditional value of hospitality. It’s an affordable accommodation option for families and groups of friends.

                                                                      from  2,079.00
                                                                      Exterior of Go Hotels Palawan

                                                                        Go Hotels Palawan

                                                                        Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                        Go Hotel Palawan is one of the budget hotels in Puerto Princesa City. About 15-20 minute drive from the airport, this budget hotel in Palawan features amenities such as conference…

                                                                        from  1,090.00
                                                                        Swimming pool area at the Casa Mila Inn

                                                                          Casa Mila Inn

                                                                          Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                          Casa Mila Inn is one of the newest tourist inns in Puerto Princesa. It’s a good option for an affordable and comfortable stay when coming to Palawan.

                                                                          from  1,900.00
                                                                          Entrance of the Aquari Travelers Suite

                                                                            Aquari Travelers Suites

                                                                            Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                            Aquari Travelers Suites is a budget accommodation conveniently located at centre of Puerto Princesa in Junction 1.  The hotel is just walking distance to Palawan Provincial Capitol, SM Mall, souvenir…

                                                                            from  900.00
                                                                            Exterior of A&A Plaza Hotel

                                                                              A&A Plaza Hotel

                                                                              Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                              A&A Plaza Hotel is a comfortable budget accommodation conveniently located right at the Puerto Princesa city centre. It’s a four-storey building that features appealing accommodation facilities perfect for both business and…

                                                                              from  1,050.00
                                                                              Lobby at Empires Suites

                                                                                Empires Suites

                                                                                3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                Located at the heart of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, Empire Suites Hotel is a Filipino-owned property that offers world-class accommodation with attentive, competent, and personalized service.

                                                                                from  1,000.00
                                                                                Casa Rosa nestles in Taytay hill

                                                                                  Casa Rosa Taytay

                                                                                  Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                  Casa Rosa Restaurant and Cottages is one of the budget accommodation in Taytay, in the northern part of the Island of Palawan. This relaxed and friendly hotel is the best…

                                                                                  from  800.00
                                                                                  Exterior of the One Averee Bay Hotel

                                                                                    One Averee Bay Hotel

                                                                                    3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                    One Averee Bay Hotel is right at the heart of Coron Town, approximately 30 minutes away from Busuanga Airport and is easily accessible to Coron port, convenience stores, and bayside.…

                                                                                    from  2,693.00
                                                                                    Terrace view from Pura Vida Inn El Nido

                                                                                      Pura Vida Inn

                                                                                      Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                      Tucked away between gentle slopes and situated on the beautiful beach in the village of El Nido, Pura Vida Inn offers a relaxing and peaceful accommodation with stunning views over…

                                                                                      from  4,500.00

                                                                                        Skylight Hotel

                                                                                        Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                        Skylight Hotel is a budget accommodation ideally located in the heart of Puerto Princesa city, along with the Rizal Avenue, just walking distance to the Baywalk, Plaza Cuartel and the Immaculate Conception…

                                                                                        from  1,300.00
                                                                                        View from Runway Suites Hotel

                                                                                          Runway Suites

                                                                                          Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                          Runway Suites is a budget-friendly getaway right in the heart of beautiful Puerto Princesa City. The outstanding location at the end of the city’s busy airport runway, makes us one…

                                                                                          from  900.00
                                                                                          Reception at the Palawan Village Hotel

                                                                                            Palawan Village Hotel

                                                                                            Budget Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                            Palawan Village Hotel is a favorite among budget travellers because it is conveniently in Puerto Princesa city center, not far from the airport. The hotel also offer a nature-filled ambiance and…

                                                                                            from  500.00
                                                                                            Swimming pool at the Funny Lion Hotel

                                                                                              The Funny Lion

                                                                                              3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                              The Funny Lion is a contemporary boutique resort for travelers exploring one of the most spectacular island destinations in Coron Palawan Philippines. Only 30-min from Busuanga Airport, The Funny Lion…

                                                                                              from  7,580.00
                                                                                              Night scene at Sunz En Coron Resort

                                                                                                Sunz En Coron Resort

                                                                                                3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                                Sunz En Coron Resort is the first Korean owned resort and they provides privacy, comfort, relaxing atmosphere brought by the mountain breeze and chirping of birds to make your holiday…

                                                                                                from  1,590.00
                                                                                                Entrance of Coron Soleil Garden Resort

                                                                                                  Coron Soleil Garden Resort

                                                                                                  5 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                                  Coron Soleil Garden Resort is a premium resort offering fine comforts with premium amenities and facilities for the luxurious, indulgent and leisure traveler who yearns for relaxing and worry-free travel.…

                                                                                                  from  7,800.00
                                                                                                  Swimming pool at the Seda Lio Resort

                                                                                                    Seda Lio Resort

                                                                                                    5 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                                    Seda Lio in the Lio Tourism Estate is the first complete facility to cater to travellers in El Nido town. Only five minutes from the airport, the resort-hotel offers modern…

                                                                                                    from  11,920.00
                                                                                                    Swimming pool at Lio Villa Resort

                                                                                                      Lio Villas Resort

                                                                                                      3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                                                                                                      We Afford simple yet dedicated features to make your stay in paradise all  the more gratifying. Lio Villas features peaceful and comfortable accommodations with free WiFi access in the public…

                                                                                                      from  6,000.00