Port Barton

Port Barton is a small fishing and farming village located on a bay at the Municipality of San Vicente, in the Northern Part of Palawan. The bay is found along the province of Palawan’s west coast. With its tranquility and frontier, tourists, whether local or foreign, opt to get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the place and snorkel in the waters of Port Barton.

Most tourist accommodations are found along the 1.3 km beach which is usually chosen by many to get a perfect view of the sea. There are also few lodging houses and guests houses located on the nearby islands and the secluded beaches from the Port Barton.

Exotic Island

Years back, the tourism in Port Barton stagnated due to rough roads which brought discomfort for tourists but in late 2009, the roads were finally finished and enabled people to get to the majestic place smoothly.

There are about ten guest houses in Port Barton and a few small grocery stores that sell basic necessities for tourists and locals. However, you may opt to encash an estimated adequate amount of money when going there since there are no banks, ATM machines or money changers in the vicinity.

Port Barton Twin Island

Port Barton’s peak season starts in November and ends nearly on May. It is within these months that tourists and locals are encouraged to visit the place since Port Barton becomes really lively during the peak season with all its fun activities and the merriments during the evening. For those who prefer quiet and relaxing ambiance, you may choose to visit the place on months that is not covered by the peak season.

Activities in Port Barton

Port Barton has become popular due to its majestic waters. Tourists, most of the time would go snorkeling, island hopping, beach lazing and swimming. Aside from the beach, there are also two nearby waterfalls that could serve as another option for visitors when it comes to water activities.

When it comes to those who are so into snorkeling and island hopping, it is best to know that Port Barton’s ocean conditions are more favorable for enthusiasts during the morning; 8 am would be a good time to set off. A full day of snorkeling would last take about seven hours where tourists will get the chance to visit, more or less, four different locations.

Aquarium Four

Aquarium four is a reef in the bay that reaches 2 meters deep in its shallowest and is not surrounded by any land. It is, most of the time, advised for tourists to visit this area first among other destinations since it’s best to go to it when the sea is calmest due to the fact that the boat can only be anchored in a portion of the sand underneath, which would be dangerous if the waves would start dancing in the waters. Aquarium four will be able to provide waters teaming with small fishes of all sorts of variety – a true eye-candy.

You can visit Fantastic Reef with Port Barton Island Hopping Tour B

Exotic Island

Exotic Island

The exotic island is actually composed of two islands with shallow waters between them. This beautiful location is a perfect place for swimming and for having lunch on the beach.

Snorkelers would, however, find it hard to find good spots for their interests but don’t lose hope!

There are exquisite areas where snorkelers may get good views of the marine life in the area.

Some of what snorkelers may encounter are schools of small fishes that changes from a dull gray color into bright silver beauties once they pass through beams of light from the sun while they swim freely.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

The Paradise Island is a privately owned island which had a small resort in it once. At present, there are only caretakers left on the island, a small family who have tasked to maintain the environment in the area by keeping poachers away from the reef.

The reefs in the island suffered immense damage due to destructive fishing practices but later on, slowly, the reef grew back into what it is now.

The main attraction of this island is its beautiful corals, among these corals, beautiful large fan corals have become the most famous one. Tourists have to pay a fee amounting to P50 which is given to the caretakers as compensation for their hard work in the area.

You can visit Paradise Island with Port Barton Island Hopping Tour C

You can visit Paradise Island with Port Barton Island Hopping Tour B

German Island

German Island

German Island is another privately owned island which may be visited for free. It is suggested for snorkelers to swim further than usual when in this island since the beauty it has can only be found a few meters from the shore. Snorkelers will be able to feast their eyes with patches of beautiful coral gardens worth the extra swim.

Swimming a little further would also be a good option since it might just give you an awesome treat, seeing various colorful schools of fish, beautiful corals, and occasionally, sea turtles. German island is also a good spot for lunches.


You can visit Paradise Island with Port Barton Island Hopping Tour C

Double Island

Double Island

Double Island is located not too far from the port and may be reached by just swimming from the German Island.

There is also a small resort located in it. Most tourists visit this wondrous island for the good snorkeling spots that it has around it.

It is also suitable for swimming and other water activities.



Small Lagoon Reef and Fantastic Reef

Small Lagoon Reef and Fantastic Reef are both really close to Double Island, however, these reefs attract tourists for different reasons. Small Lagoon Reef is famous for its schools of fish and patches of corals while the Fantastic Reef is well known for its beautiful green corals.

You can visit Small Lagoon Reef and Fantastic Reef with Port Barton Island Hopping Tour A

You can visit Fantastic Reef with Port Barton Island Hopping Tour B

Mangrove River Tour

Unlike in the Island Hopping and Snorkeling, smaller boats are used, and is to be hired, for the Mangrove River Tour since the larger ones cannot maneuver around and get through the shallow parts of the river. This activity has gained attention because of the fast flow of the river that is caused by heavy rains but during sunny days, the river flows regularly.

Some of the sights that may be enjoyed are the green mangroves that the government has protected through the years to maintain the beauty and balance of the ecosystem in the area, the wildlife, and some house on stills in the bay.

Papuwyan Waterfall

Papuwyan Waterfall

Papuwyan Waterfall is a popular destination in San Vicente and will just take about an hour and a half of walk from the town.

The walk will assuringly not be extremely tiring since the path only has gentle slopes.

There are also shallow streams along the way to make sure you’re not wearing sneakers.

The walk is worth it once you get into the waterfalls which have really beautiful waters that are perfect for swimming.

Bigaho Waterfall

Bigaho Waterfall

Bigaho Waterfall is a picturesque cascading waterfall that has a huge pool for swimming at its bottom.

Unlike Papuwyan Waterfall that takes an hour and a half of walk, Bigaho Waterfall may be accessed by a 20-minute boat ride from Port Barton, and then from the village of Bigaho, one-kilometer stroll to the waterfall.

The stroll will be an easy trip for anyone from any age group since the path does not involve trekking or climbing and there are stone steps in the last 100 meters.  Visiting the waterfall could be part of the tourists’ island hopping.

You can visit Bigaho Waterfall with Port Barton Island Hopping Tour A

Getting There

From Puerto Princesa

-Public Transportation: There are several shuttle van companies that offer a direct link between Puerto Princesa and Port Barton.
Shuttle vans are daily and run almost every hour from 7.30am until 6.00pm. The journey from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton usually takes around 3-4 hours.
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-Private Transfer: Private van is the quickest and least hassle way to get from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton.
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From Sabang (Underground River)

-Public Transportation: With no direct link between Sabang to Port Barton, shuttle van are via Salvation Junction. Get Lexxus shuttle van that goes to Puerto Princesa and ask to be dropped at Salvation, where you can catch the connecting shuttle van Recaro or Nature Island to Port Barton. The journey is about 3 hours and 30 minutes, plus the stop in Salvation.

-Private Transfer: Private van is the quickest and least hassle way to get from Sabag to El Nido.
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From El Nido

-Public Transportation: Shuttle vans from El Nido to Port Barton are daily and run two times per day. The journey from El Nido to Port Barton usually takes around 4 hours.
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-Private Transfer: Private van is the quickest and least hassle way to get from El Nido to Port Barton
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