Palawan’s Handicraft and Souvenirs

Aside from the pictures that you could post and share on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even in your blogs; there are also other things in Palawan that a tourist may be able to “share” and “show off” to others when they come home from their trip to Palawan. Just like any destination, Palawan also offers high quality and unique souvenir items in the province.

Palawan – the best island in the world have become popular to people from all over the globe because of the premiere quality of its natural beauty and of the abundance of the resources that may be acquired from this island province. Years back, Palawan has become more popular with tourists of varying races after the Puerto Princesa Underground River made it to the Seven Wonders of Nature. And recently, for the second time, Palawan was hailed as the most beautiful island in the world, not only because of the Underground River but also because of the other scenic views it has from the municipalities that are covered by the jurisdiction of Palawan.

However, a tour in Palawan cannot end without souvenirs. Wherever one travels, he or she makes sure that he or she will be coming home even a single souvenir from the place he went to. Palawan is not a different case, in fact, people might not post it on their social media, they most probably buy cool souvenir items from various stores present in a destination.

In Palawan, many tourists find interest with various souvenir items that may be bought from dealers and sellers that are present in almost every part of Puerto Princesa where the center of business and economy in the province is.


In stores, tourists will be able to find a variety of goods – either food or handicrafts – that they may bring with them on their way back home. The handicrafts are usually made by the indigenous tribes of Palawan who sell their work in the city to acquire the money that they need for subsistence. These handicrafts are usually made of wood that they acquire from their environment – mostly the forest and in the mountains – these handicrafts depict their art and culture which adds up to the cultural and heritage value of the indigenous peoples of Palawan. According to records, most of the handicrafts that are sold as souvenirs are made by the Bataks of Palawan.

Wild Pig Figurine

Most tourists and sellers dubbed it as “Wild Pig Figurine” due to its shape – a wild pig. It is a functional hardwood item that would be very useful for those who smoke. This figurine is a pipe for smoking – one has to inhale from the wild pig figurine’s snout. For those who do not smoke, this figurine may be used as a display in your abode.


Biday is a handicraft that may be used in many different ways, some use it as blinds for their windows, or a wall decoration while others prefer utilizing it by making it a divider or a floor mat. Biday is made from rattan, a wood product.

Rain Maker or Rain Stick

Although it is not a handicraft that originated from Palawan, the rainmaker have become a hit to many people who get curious as to how one can put something inside a bamboo without breaking it. The Rainmaker is a cylinder-shaped handicraft that makes a sound similar to the rain pouring on a tin roof when it is being moved or when someone shakes it. It comes from various sizes that may fit one’s preference. It also has artworks around it which are done by carefully designing the wood through the use of burning.

Pearls and Pearl Jewelries

Being an island province, having pearls as souvenir items is something that is not really surprising but is still appreciatable. These pearls come from different colors and sizes and may be bought in souvenir shops that can be found in every corner of the city Puerto Princesa.


Aside from its beauty and culture, Palawan also offers a wide variety of food that may serve as a souvenir. Many of these are considered as the pride of their respective municipalities where they have originated from.

Cashews/ Kasoy

Palawan is known for its cashews which mostly come from the municipality of Roxas in Palawan. These cashews are usually sold in the markets and souvenir shops in the city proper of Puerto Princesa since it serves as the heart of the province. They are packed according to how they were prepared, there are two kinds of cashew nuts that are being sold in the province, one is roasted and the other is baked. However it is prepared, the cashew nuts still retain its milky texture that will definitely be enjoyed by anyone.


Honey is one of the famous souvenir goodies here in Palawan. While most sell processed ones, many souvenir shops still sell honey that is fresh from the wild and has nothing added to it. In the province of Palawan, a group of natives would usually gather the honey and would sell it in the city proper to acquire money that they need to provide their needs.


Buti-buti is a delicacy that came from Cuyo, a municipality in the northern part of Palawan. This sweet ampao (poprice) of Cuyo have yet gotten lots of attention from tourists since they may only be seen in Puerto Princesa City during the Baragatan Festival that is conducted during the month of June. Buti-buti is being sold during the trade fair that lasts about a week or so during the Baragatan.

Buti-buti is made with dehulled but unpolished native rice with bran that is usually red or brown in color. These grains are pan-roasted until they pop and look like popcorn. Caramelized muscovado sugar is added to the grains to sweeten and bind the caramel – coated poprice that is later molded (by hands) into small balls that are about the size of a golf ball.
The rice used for buti-buti is an heirloom rice of Cuyo, Palawan. It is seasonal and available depending on when there is harvest or if it is in-stock.

Sea Weed “Lato”

Lato has become part of every Filipino’s meal. Lato is a seaweed that is a little slimy and has berry – looking pulps along its small heterotrophic branch that is edible. In Palawan, the lato from Cuyo, Palawan have become a seaweed that everybody craves for. It is best served with either salt or vinegar and is a perfect match to any dish especially fried ones.

Dried Fish “Daing”

The province of Palawan is also famous for its Daing which may be bought from the wet market in whichever municipality in Palawan you are. Daing are fishes that are cleaned, salted, and then dried under the sun for days before it is sold in the market. Daing is a perfect match to any dish, even with just plain rice and maybe some condiments like soy sauce or vinegar.

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