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Need help planning your trip to Palawan Island? Here is a list of the best travel resources to help you plan your next adventure in Palawan, Philippines.

Palawan vs Boracay

Palawan vs Boracay

The big dilemma is whether to go to Palawan or Boracay. Here is why you should choose Palawan for your next vacation. Before we get started we should preface this article by mentioning that this opinion is entirely our own. Obviously we are quite biased as we live on and love our home on Palawan. Although, Boracay is great too, we think Palawan is better.

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Palawan Travel at Low Cost

Palawan: Travel at Low Cost

Indeed Palawan has people from all over the world looking at it after being hailed as the “Best Island in the World” twice and consecutively. It became a premiere tourist destination due to its untouched natural resources which are undoubtedly beautiful and jaw – dropping.  Due to Palawan's popularity to many tourists and for being a high class destination, many have gotten false thoughts about the majestic island saying that travelling in Palawan would be very costly – which I shall prove you wrong.

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Palawan: The Luxurious Side

Palawan: The Luxurious Side

Like those other famous destinations found all over the world, Palawan also has facilities that it may offer to those who has luxurious lifestyle and enjoys travelling and having luxurious and relaxing hotel rooms while they enjoy their Palawan escapade. Absconding from their busy daily lives in their respective cities and their respective jobs, guests come to Palawan for the tranquil and peaceful ambiance, which allows them to calm their mind and forget how harsh life can be.

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