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Taytay Bay

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Taytay Bay


“La Estrella Del Norte” which means “The Star of the North” in English was a title given to the municipality of Taytay that is found in the northern region of the province of Palawan. It is one of Palawan's oldest municipalities and was also the first ever capital city of the province – which paved the way for it to gain the title “The Star of the North”.

Before the Spanish Colonization, the Kingdom of Taytay was ruled by a monarch who had ten scribes following him anywhere he goes. Later on, the king and queen of Taytay was held captive by the crew of Ferdinand Magellan's crew who have survived the battle in Mactan where Magellan was slain. According to Magellan's chronicler, Antonio Pigafetta, the crew took the king and the queen as hostage in exchange for supplies which they will need to cross the Moluccas where the Portuguese were so they can seek for help – in which the kingdom complied with.

In 1623, Taytay was formally founded and became the capital province of Calamianes, the entire territory of Palawan which was then known as Paragua in 1818; and the province Castilla, a land area occupying the northern part of Palawan in 1858. The name Taytay was derived from the word “Talaytayan”, a native word meaning a few pieces of bamboo or wood arranged together to form a bridge, thus, making Taytay mean bridge.

However, during the American era, Taytay ceased being the capital city of Palawan and its administrative boundary was reduced by about 500,000 hectares upon the creation of the Municipality of El Nido in 1916.
In 1667, Fuerza de Santa Isabel – now known as the Fort of Taytay; was built under the Augustinian Recollect Fathers and was named after Spain's Queen Isabela II.

The fort was used as a military station during the American era. The famous relic was finished in 1738 and was mainly used to defend against Muslim warrior – raiders who were in their war boats. The Spanish soldiers would fire at the Muslims with their huge cannons found at the topmost part of the fort. The fort which took 71 years to build was made through the use of corals and egg whites as its main materials.
Until this day, the small chapel and the canons that are in the fort are still in tact and the fort is under superviosion of the National Museum.

This municipality is not only rich in historical value but in natural resources as well, just as the other municipalities is the province Palawan, however, Taytay does not gain as much attention as that of El Nido and the Underground River. Taytay is not just another municipality in the province of Palawan, it has a lot of things to offer just like the other tourist destinations in the province. It is rich in biodiversity, marine creatures such as sea turtles, fishes, and corals may be found in the area. Tourists may also opt to go for an Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching tour at the Malampaya Sound. Irrawaddy dolphins are endangered specie of dolphins that are endemic in the Malampaya Sound. Unlike the usual dolphis, these dolphins look more like sea cows (dugongs); they have a short snout and slightly paler underparts compared to other dolphins. They also have smaller dorsal fins on the posterior end of their back. They are slaty blue to gray in color.

Tourists will be able to discover various attractions in Taytay which will definitely leave them in awe and admiration for the place.


Isla Blanca

Isla Blanca is a long coral sandbar that is dotted by coconut trees; a short trek on the island would lead to a viewdeck that offers a 360 degree view of the whole bay. The waters of Isla Blanca has an abundant amount of amazing coral reefs which would be great for snorkeling in the area especially at the drop-off with a depth of about 40 meters.


Nao – nao Island

Nao – nao island is famous of its reef system that embraces the entire 12 hectare – island which makes it perfect for snorkeling and photo ops.


Pabellon Island

Pabellon Island is a collective name for the Elephant Island and the Castle Island. The Elephant Island has a hidden lagoon with crystalline waters inside of it that is perfect for swimming. The area is well guarded to preserve and conserve the Balinsasayaw nests that are in the area.

Taytay Castle Island 

Nabat Island

The Nabat Island serves as home to the Balinsasayaws which is source to the famous Balinsasayaw nests that are prominent for its ingredient potential. This island's white – sand beach is only accessible during the low tide. The water surrounding this island is rich with majestic coral reefs that is perfect for diving and snorkeling.


Malutamban Island

Malutamban island has become popular for tourists when it comes to picnics by the beach. This island is also known for its scenic views that would definitely 'take your breath away”; this island is an ideal spot for picture taking and landscape photographies.


Baras Farm Island

The Baras Farm Island is an agri-eco island where the occupants of its neighboring islands get their supply of food such as meat and vegetables. People may choose to either cultivate their own vegetables here or buy from the market.


Umbrella in mini-Island

Aside from the common island adventures, you may also opt to try the Umbrella, a rock formation which serves as a “mini-island” where one can have a candle-lit dinner set up for dates or romantic events. However, Umbrella may only be utilized by about two to three people at a time since it is not big enough to accommodate big groups of visitors.
During the morning, one must rent a boat to get to this island because the tide is still high but during afternoons, you may just walk to the place from the common area.


Lover's Cave

The Lover's Cave is a pair of coves at the back of Apulit Island which is only accessible by dipping underwater to enter an arch that directly leads to the pair of coves. Be amazed by the limestones in this cave and be able to feel the ambiance in the vicinity.


Tabonito Cave

Tabonito Cave is a cave that serves as refuge for the endangered Tabon Scrubfowl also known as “Megapode”, and the Balinsasayaw. This cave is characterized by a crack near the peak of Apulit Island.


North Cave

North Cave serve as a function hall within nature since it is where private lunches and dinners are usually held. In order to access the area, tourists will have to cross a small lagoon in order to go to the inner cavern of the cave.


St. Joseph's Cave

St. Joseph's Cave is the biggest cave in Apulit Island and is characterized with a rock formation found at its entrance, shaped like a saint. Inside, you will able to find seven chambers and some other interesting rock formations.




Getting There

  Air Swift airlines offers daily flights from Manila to El Nido. Travel time is approximately 55-minutes using a 50-seater ATR aircraft. El Nido airport is about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Taytay Town.

  Taytay is also accessible via Puerto Princesa City. Taytay Town is a 4-hour drive from Puerto Princesa. We can arrange either a private van transfers or shuttle van from both Puerto Princesa and El Nido


Taytay Map