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Puerto Princesa

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Puerto Princesa


Aptly called “A CITY IN THE FOREST”, due to this City's attractions that have a lot to do with its world class natural wonders and the commitment of the people in it to the environment. Puerto Princesa City, located at the World's Most Beautiful Island Palawan, has been named as the “cleanest and greenest city” and has also been recognized globally for its environmental excellence.



Legend has it that the name “Puerto Princesa” was coined because of a princess – like maiden who in the early day is said to have roamed around the place on certain nights of the year. Others on the other hand attribute the name of the city to its gographical advantages as a seaport that is naturally protected throughout the year and is endowed with a depth that can accommodate any size of shipping.

In the past, Spanish colonizers saw Puerto Princesa as a royal refuge for sea vessels which made historical accounts attribute the name as a tribute to Princess Eulalia, daughter of Queen Isabella II of Spain.



Years later, waves of various migrants from other provinces in the Philippines and even from other countries have turned Puerto Princesa into a melting pot of varying cultures. Among the original inhabitants are the Cuyunons who posses rich legacy of folklores and traditions. Aside from them, Bataks and Tagbanuas were also one of those who first set foot in the promising island of Palawan.

These groups of people who have unique cultures, traditions and practices served as the foundation of the rich culture visible in the city during festivities and other events where their rich native culture and arts are being exhibited. Each group of people have their own distinct dialets but they can also speak the native tounge which is the Filipino langguage. Until now, there are still some members of the Bataks and Tagbanuas who practice their traditional rituals and would sometimes let tourists have a live presentation of their culture.

The best time to visit Puerto Princesa is during its many festivals where you can witness colorful Street Dances and Parades with magnificent floats. Some of them are Baragatan sa Palawan Festival which celebrated the foundation of Palawan's civil government; the City Fiesta that commemorates the Immaculate Conception of Mary; and the Balayong Festival that is ususally being celebrated on the month of March when the pinkish flowers of the Balayong or Palawan Cherry starts to bloom.



At present, Puerto Princesa serves as the main gateway to the island of Palawan. Just like any other city, Puerto Princesa has hotels, resorts, rastaurants, inns and other comforts. Puerto Princesa also serves as venue for many conferences and meetings and has satisfying adventures in any trip and tour. Aside from that, structures, establishments, and other activities in this city is perfect for family holidays and for exploration of cultural treasures.

Some of the must see places in Puerto Princesa includes; the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, a unique angular-structured edifice; the Baywalk, where one can have leisurely walks at sunrise to get the chance to see the glorious illumination of the sun over the waters of the bay; and the Plaza Cuartel, a historical place left with the restored ruins of an old garrison where Japanese soldiers burned 143 American soldiers who have become prisioners of war inside a tunnel and until now, the area serves as a grim reminder of World War II atrocities, only ten soldiers were able to survive to tell the tale of what happened inside that tunnel.

One of the weird things that someone could do in Puerto Princesa is visiting the Iwahig Penal Farm, a penal colony in the city where inmates live, work, and roam freely, and despite the almost nonexistent security measures in the area, attempted escapes are surprisingly rare which is probably due to the fact that the prisoners are allowed to live with their families. Those who lack qualifications are given the opportunity to specialize in one field including agriculture, fishing, making handicrafts, and carpentry. Visiting the Iwahig prison will definitely be a good experience.

Baker's Hill is another Puerto Princesa City landmark to discover. With various structures, floras and faunas, this landmark became popular to both tourists and the locals of the city. Baker's Hill has a playground fr kids and benches for parents who are looking after their kids and for those who just feels like relaxing. It also has a restaurant and a bakery where guests could buy their food incase they get hungry while looking at the landscapes and a view of the Honda Bay. There are also statues that entertain the eyes of guests and would usually be subjects for picture takings.

The Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center also known as the Crocodile Fam is also another major landmark in the city. Hundreds of crocodiles are housed in this wildlife reserve, right from the newly hatched ones up to the full-grown giants people usually see on TV and in zoos. Aside from crocodiles, the center also gives shelter to other animals including some that are already considered “endemic” in the island of Palawan.



Getting There


  BY AIR: Cebu Pacific, Philippines Airlines and AirAsia Zest offer several daily flight between Manila and Puerto Princesa. Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines has also daily flights from Cebu and Iloilo.

  BY SEA: 2Go Travel Superferry sails once a week from Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron and back again


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