A boat floating on the pristine waters of El Nido's Big Lagoon

    El Nido Tour A


    El Nido Tour A is the most popular island hopping tour in El Nido where you will visit the stunning Big Lagoon, 7 Commandos Beach, Secret Lagoon and Shimizu Island.

    from  1,260.00
    Scenery in Bacuit Bay

      El Nido Tour B


      Embark on this El Nido Island Hopping Tour B, which takes you to Snake Island Sandbar, Cudugnon and Cathedral Caves, Entaluala Island and Popolkan Island.

      from  1,365.00
      El Nido Island Hopping with Hidden Beach

        El Nido Tour C


        El Nido Tour C is the second most popular tour that offers a good mix of adventure and snorkeling. Tour C features Matinloc, Tapiutan and Helicopter Island.

        from  1,470.00
        Day trip to El Nido' Cadlao Lagoon with private boat

          El Nido Tour D (with Small Lagoon)


          With El Nido Tour D you will experience the hidden beauty of El Nido through visiting breathtaking sceneries such as Miniloc's Small Lagoon, Cadlao Lagoon, Pasandigan Beach, Nat Nat Beach, Bucal Island, and Paradise Beach.

          from  1,260.00
          Day trip to Nacpan Beach

            Private Nacpan Beach and Waterfalls


            Experience one of the most spectacular beaches in Palawan: Nacpan Beach. It is like a picture-perfect setting with golden sand and pristine waters ideal for swimming.

            from  2,000.00

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            Top 10 places to visit

            A guide to the most beautiful islands and beaches

            El Nido is an incredible place that every traveler should see when visiting the Philippines.

            El Nido has been declared one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines and is one of the top-ranked tourism destinations around the planet’s numerous bucket lists.

            This is now Palawan’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction, thanks to its pristine islands with secluded beached and its jaw-dropping emerald lagoons encircled by impressive limestone cliffs

            An overview of the Top 10 Places to visit in El Nido:

            1. Small Lagoon

            The Small Lagoon in Bacuit Bay, is definitely the most breathtaking place to see in El Nido. The lagoon with turquoise-green waters and surrounded by towering limestone cliffs is accessible by kayak or by swimming through a hole.

            Small lagoon is part of the Tour D

            2. Secret Beach

            Matinloc Island has many fascinating beaches to see, but the true highlight of this island is the Secret Beach.  This spectacular pocket of white sand is inaccessible by boat and surrounded by steep rock walls. Secret Beach is not the easiest beach to access, but once you get there you will be rewarded with one of the most gorgeous scenery on the archipelago.

            Secret Beach is part of the  Tour C.

            3. Nacpan Beach

            Nacpan Beach, with its long stretch of powdery white sand beach fringed with coconut palm trees and crystal clear blue waters, it’s one of the must-see attractions in El Nido.

            Nacpan is one the Palawan’s best-hidden beach and it’s tourist-free.

            Nacpan Beach is part of the Tour E

            4. Big Lagoon

            The Big Lagoon is one of the most photographed places in El Nido. The clear turquoise waters, the towering limestone cliffs, and lush green vegetation, amidst a blue sky, is the perfect recipe for dreamy photos.

            Big Lagoon is part of the El Nido Tour A

            5. Snake Island

            Originally known as “Vigan Island”, Snake Island is a long S-shaped sandbar that snakes across the water of Bacuit Bay and connects the island to the mainland. During the low-tide, you can walk on the sandbar and see beautiful starfishes and shells.

            Snake Island is one of the most amazing places in El Nido and is part of the Tour B.

            6. Hidden Beach

            The Hidden Beach in Matinloc island is another stunning scenery that El Nido has to offer. This small paradisiac cove concealed by limestone rock and impossible to see it from the open sea. The views of the jagged limestone cliffs and the crystal-clear waters are wonderful from inside.

            The Hidden Beach is part of the Tour C. If you book a private tour, you will be able to go there when there are no other tourists and enjoy this little paradise on your own.

            7. Seven Commandos Beach

            Seven Commandos Beach is a beautiful tropical beach with white sand and crystal-clear, warm water.

            Being the last stop of the Tour A of El Nido island hopping, the Seven Commandos Beach is a great spot for a swim and chilling on the beach.

            8. Simizu Island

            Simizu Island is considered to be the best spot for snorkelling in Nido. It has deep water and a vast variety of corals and fishes.  Apart from the underwater beauty that every traveler wishes to witness, the island boasts secluded white sand beaches and turquoise warm water.

            Simizu Island is part of the Tour A.

            9. Secret Lagoon

            Don’t leave El Nido without experiencing the Secret Lagoon in Miniloc Island. This fascinating lagoon with a secluded beach is encircled by dramatic rock walls. The only way to get there is to swim through a secret tunnel in the rock.

            The Secret Lagoon Beach is part of Bacuit Bay island hopping Tour A.

            10. Las Cabanas Beach

            Las Cabanas Beach is an amazing place to chill out and enjoy fabulous sunsets and some cocktails. There are plenty of bars and restaurants along the beachfront, so it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind, after a day island hopping.

            Las Cabanas Beach is just a short tricycle ride from El Nido town proper.