A boat floating on the pristine waters of El Nido's Big Lagoon

    El Nido Tour A


    El Nido Tour A is the most popular island hopping tour in El Nido where you will visit the stunning Big Lagoon, 7 Commandos Beach, Secret Lagoon and Shimizu Island.

    from  1,260.00
    Scenery in Bacuit Bay

      El Nido Tour B


      Embark on this El Nido Island Hopping Tour B, which takes you to Snake Island Sandbar, Cudugnon and Cathedral Caves, Entaluala Island and Popolkan Island.

      from  1,365.00
      El Nido Island Hopping with Hidden Beach

        El Nido Tour C


        El Nido Tour C is the second most popular tour that offers a good mix of adventure and snorkeling. Tour C features Matinloc, Tapiutan and Helicopter Island.

        from  1,470.00
        Day trip to El Nido' Cadlao Lagoon with private boat

          El Nido Tour D (with Small Lagoon)


          With El Nido Tour D you will experience the hidden beauty of El Nido through visiting breathtaking sceneries such as Miniloc's Small Lagoon, Cadlao Lagoon, Pasandigan Beach, Nat Nat Beach, Bucal Island, and Paradise Beach.

          from  1,260.00
          Day trip to Nacpan Beach

            Private Nacpan Beach and Waterfalls


            Experience one of the most spectacular beaches in Palawan: Nacpan Beach. It is like a picture-perfect setting with golden sand and pristine waters ideal for swimming.

            from  2,000.00

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            New Rules and Regulations

            Updated info about Tours and Activities in El Nido.

            With immediate effect today November 20, 2018 the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has banned all the Combination tours (Combo A&C A&B etc.) and Party Boats in El Nido. This new policy has been implemented to help minimize the negative impact of tourism in El Nido.

            El Nido cannot afford any environmental blows, in fact is home to unique bird species and is frequented by large marine wildlife like the sea or marine turtles, sea cow or dugong, dolphins and sharks. Local authorities don’t want El Nido to face the same problem of Boracay.

            New rules are imposed to limit the number of tourists and activities in three of the most-visited places in El Nido:

            • Big Lagoon
            • Small Lagoon
            • Secret Beach

            Moreover, activities such as fishing, cliff jumping, grilling of food, and playing of loud music have been prohibited in El Nido Bacuit Bay.

            Due to the new regulations, it’s now compulsory to book your slot to Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon and Secret Beach in advance (Tour A, Tour C and Tour D).

            See below the official message that we have received from the Ministry of Tourism about the new ordinance.

            For more information about the new El Nido Tours, please contact our customer service at support@travel-palawan.com


            El Nido is embracing sustainable tourism, and that means that changes are coming to our four island-hopping tours:

            • Tour A: Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and 7 Commando Beach
            • Tour B: Cudognon Cave, Cathedral Cave, Snake Island, Entalula Island, and Popolkan Island (the substitute for Pangulasian, now that it’s a private island)
            • Tour C: Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Tapiutan Island, and Helicopter Island
            • Tour D: Small Lagoon, Cadlao Lagoon, Nat Nat Beach, Pasandigan Cove, Paradise Beach, and Bukal Island

            I’ve attached made a map so you can see these stops visually.

            So, what’s changing? Well, as of late November 2018, the Protected Area Office has designated Small Lagoon (Tour D) and Big Lagoon (Tour A) stops as Premium stops, subject to limits on the number of people who can go there. We also expect that Secret Beach (on Tour C) will soon be designated as a Premium stop as well.

            As a result, there are seven changes that have already happened (or that we expect to happen soon):

            1. You can’t do both Big and Small Lagoon on the same day

            You can only visit one “premium stop” per day.

            As of late November, this means that you can either visit Small Lagoon OR you can visit Big Lagoon, but you can’t visit both on the same day.

            2. No Combinations

            Before these proposed changes, you could choose to do a “combination tour” that combined whichever stops you wanted from two tours. As a result, many tourists did a “Combination Tour A/C” and visited the Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, and Secret Beach all on the same day.

            However, going forward, all three of these locations will be Premium stops, and since you can only visit one premium stop per day, you will no longer be able to do that.

            Going forward, we actually don’t know for sure whether combination tours will be completely banned. But no matter what, you will probably not be allowed to combine tours A and C together.

            3. Pre-Registration now required for Big and Small Lagoon (and eventually Secret Beach)

            You must now pre-register if you’d like to visit a Premium stop like Big and Small Lagoon.

            As of late November, this means your tour operator must pre-register your name with the Protected Area Office if you want to go on Tour A. (We expect this to expand to Tour C shortly, if you want to visit Secret Beach.) To pre-register, you must contact your tour operator and tell us the Name, Age and Country of Residence for each passenger. We will then go into town and register you with the relevant authority. Only a certain number of pre-registered people on a pre-registered boat can go inside each lagoon on a given day, and it’s first-come-first-served to get access.

            If a given premium tour has hit its limit, you will have to select a non-premium tour that doesn’t have a premium stop.

            4. Extra fee beyond ETDF

            The Protected Area Office is charging a ₱200 per-person fee for pre-registration to visit a Premium stop. As I understand it, this money will go towards the resources necessary to protect the lagoons and the protected area.

            This fee will be in addition to the ₱200 charge for your ETDF (Eco-Tourism Development Fee).

            5. Premium stops now have time slots

            Your tour operator has to register you for a specific time slot at a premium stop. These slots start at 7 AM and the last entry is at 4 PM. For Small Lagoon, the slots are an hour and for Big Lagoon, the slots are an hour-and-a-half. Currently, island hopping boats leave at 9 AM and return at 4 PM, so if you have a 7 AM slot, you’ll have to be prepared to wake up several hours earlier as the boat will need to leave earlier in order to get to a specific premium stop by 7 AM.

            6. Boats can’t go in Big and Small Lagoon

            To protect their fragile marine ecosystems, when you’re at either Small Lagoon or Big Lagoon, island hopping boats will no longer be going inside the lagoon. Instead, you can rent a kayak from an approved vendor for ₱300 to go inside the lagoon.