A boat floating on the pristine waters of El Nido's Big Lagoon

    El Nido Tour A


    El Nido Tour A is the most popular island hopping tour in El Nido where you will visit the stunning Big Lagoon, 7 Commandos Beach, Secret Lagoon and Shimizu Island.

    from  1,260.00
    Scenery in Bacuit Bay

      El Nido Tour B


      Embark on this El Nido Island Hopping Tour B, which takes you to Snake Island Sandbar, Cudugnon and Cathedral Caves, Entaluala Island and Popolkan Island.

      from  1,365.00
      El Nido Island Hopping with Hidden Beach

        El Nido Tour C


        El Nido Tour C is the second most popular tour that offers a good mix of adventure and snorkeling. Tour C features Matinloc, Tapiutan and Helicopter Island.

        from  1,470.00
        Day trip to El Nido' Cadlao Lagoon with private boat

          El Nido Tour D (with Small Lagoon)


          With El Nido Tour D you will experience the hidden beauty of El Nido through visiting breathtaking sceneries such as Miniloc's Small Lagoon, Cadlao Lagoon, Pasandigan Beach, Nat Nat Beach, Bucal Island, and Paradise Beach.

          from  1,260.00
          Day trip to Nacpan Beach

            Private Nacpan Beach and Waterfalls


            Experience one of the most spectacular beaches in Palawan: Nacpan Beach. It is like a picture-perfect setting with golden sand and pristine waters ideal for swimming.

            from  2,000.00

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            How to plan a El Nido Trip

            Information and activities to plan your holiday in El Nido

            El Nido is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, but often travelers ask about when to go and where to stay.

            We hope that this article will help you to plan an enjoyable trip to El Nido.

            When to go:

            El Nido can be visited all year round.


            High Season

            The most popular period is from November to early May.

            Christmas, New Year and Easter are the most important holidays in the Philippines and is the time that El Nido can be very crowded.

            If you’re travelling during high season it’s best to have accommodations pre-booked well in advance.


            Low Season

            Many travelers are worried about the weather in Palawan as there is nothing worse than having the holiday ruined by bad weather or typhoons.

            Good news is that El Nido is rarely in the direct path of the typhoons, however, you may expect some storms with heavy rain and strong wind if you travel between June and October. Storms may last for a few days

            Usually, when it comes to the rainy season, El Nido gets its rainfall in short sharp showers in the late afternoon or early morning.


            Bad Weather

            Adverse weather can delay or prevent travelers going on island hopping tours or taking a ferry.

            Keep in mind that all tour operators in El Nido and Ferry Companies do not take any responsibility and are not liable for any extra expenses due to the bad weather.

            If you travel during the wet season it’s always a good idea to purchase a travel insurance.

            Most travel insurance policies have cover for being unable to make your trip if it were reasons beyond your control, such as adverse weather conditions.

            Average rainfall days in El Nido, Philippines

            • Rainfall days

            Attractions You Should Consider Visiting:

            • Matinloc Island
            • Snake Island
            • Pangulasian Island
            • Miniloc Island
            • Helicopter Island
            • The Seven Commandos Beach
            • Shimizu Island
            • Cathedral Cave
            • Nacpan Beach
            • Duli Beach

            Classic El Nido Tour Options:


            • El Nido Tour A: Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and 7’s Commandos Beach.


            • El Nido Tour B: Pangulasian Island, Pinagbuyutan Island, Snake Island, Cudugnon Cave, and Cathedral Cave.


            • El Nido Tour C: Helicopter/Dilumacad Island, Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Matinloc Shrine, and Tapiutan Island.

            Suggested 4- days Itinerary

            Day 1: Arrive El Nido – Nacpan Beach
            Day 2: El Nido Tour A
            Day 3: El Nido Tour C
            Day 4: Departure El Nido

            Where to stay

            There are many different types of accommodation in El Nido ranging from budget guestrooms to luxury beach resorts. Most hotels are located on the mainland between El Nido downtown and the nearby beaches.

            The hotels on the mainland are perfect if you want to go island hopping and explore some of the most amazing beaches such as Duli Beach and Nacapan Beach.

            The most exclusive hotels are on the islands of Bacuit Bay. They are perfect if you want to enjoy a relaxed vacation in one of the most stunning locations in Palawan.

            However, keep in mind that the prices of these hotels are quite high, compared to hotels on the mainland, starting from PHP 20,000 per room /night.

            There aren’t any budget hotels on the islands.


            Luxury: Lagen Island Resort

            Perhaps it’s the most exclusive resort of Bacuit Bay located on the secluded Lagen Island. The resort has a total of 51 rooms that evoke charm and quiet luxury.

            There are Water Cottages built on stilts above the water, and Beachfront Cottages with a panoramic view of the cove.


            Mid-Range: Casa Kalaw Resort

            Casa Kalaw is a boutique resort conveniently located along the Lio Beach, few minute-drive from El Nido airport.  Casa Kalaw is a Filipino-inspired hotel which provides warmth, comfort and convenience for getaways and intimate gatherings.

            Join a group tour or take a private boat?

            A private boat is recommended for exploring Bacuit Bay.  You will have the flexibility to customize your itinerary, pace, and start time.

            On the other hand, join-in Tours are cheaper but you will have to follow the group’s timetable and long waiting time before departing.

            What to bring along:

            This is our beach packing list to help you pack everything you will need for a great trip to El Nido.

            • Swimsuit
            • Shorts
            • Cotton t-shirts
            • Loose Pants
            • Flip Flops
            • Beach Bag
            • Beach Pareo
            • Beach Towel
            • Sunhut
            • Sunscreen
            • Watershoes
            • Sunglasses
            • Refillable Water bottle
            • A good book/Kindle
            • Waterproof camera
            • Insect repellent
            • Raincoat


            How to pay:

            Bring some cash in local currency (Philippine peso) credit cards and foreign currency
            may not always be accepted by restaurants, shops, and hotels in El Nido. There are a couple of ATM machines but sometimes they are out service.



            The Philippines has the worst internet speed in Southeast Asia and good Wi-Fi in El Nido is extremely rare.
            Most hostels, guesthouses, hotels, cafes, and bars now offer free Wi-Fi but the speed is typically above average.
            The fast Wi-Fi seems to be at the El Nido Boutique and ArtCafe. It’s popular restaurant and travel centre in El Nido Downtown which also offers money changing service and credit card facilities.


            Buying a Sim Card:

            You can buy Smart and Globe that are both active in El Nido, although Globe has a better coverage.


            There are many restaurants in El Nido downtown with good food, plenty of choices and affordable prices.

            They serve various type of food from classic Filipino dishes to western food.

            Among the most famous and yummy food to try in El Nido there is chicken adobo,  Sinigang Soup, Pork Lechon and Halo Halo dessert.