A boat floating on the pristine waters of El Nido's Big Lagoon

    El Nido Tour A


    El Nido Tour A is the most popular island hopping tour in El Nido where you will visit the stunning Big Lagoon, 7 Commandos Beach, Secret Lagoon and Shimizu Island.

    from  1,260.00
    Scenery in Bacuit Bay

      El Nido Tour B


      Embark on this El Nido Island Hopping Tour B, which takes you to Snake Island Sandbar, Cudugnon and Cathedral Caves, Entaluala Island and Popolkan Island.

      from  1,365.00
      El Nido Island Hopping with Hidden Beach

        El Nido Tour C


        El Nido Tour C is the second most popular tour that offers a good mix of adventure and snorkeling. Tour C features Matinloc, Tapiutan and Helicopter Island.

        from  1,470.00
        Day trip to El Nido' Cadlao Lagoon with private boat

          El Nido Tour D (with Small Lagoon)


          With El Nido Tour D you will experience the hidden beauty of El Nido through visiting breathtaking sceneries such as Miniloc's Small Lagoon, Cadlao Lagoon, Pasandigan Beach, Nat Nat Beach, Bucal Island, and Paradise Beach.

          from  1,260.00
          Day trip to Nacpan Beach

            Private Nacpan Beach and Waterfalls


            Experience one of the most spectacular beaches in Palawan: Nacpan Beach. It is like a picture-perfect setting with golden sand and pristine waters ideal for swimming.

            from  2,000.00

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            El Nido Tours

            A brief introduction to the attractions of El Nido Island Hopping Tours.

            El Nido Tour A

            Departure Time: between 8.30-9.00am

            Departure point: El Nido town

            Duration: 7 hours

            Attractions: Miniloc Island (Big Lagoon and Secret Lagoon), Shimizu Island, and Seven Commandos Beach

            El Nido Tour A is available daily. This can be arranged with shared and private boat.

            Boat capacity: the local boat “bangka” can accommodate 12, 15 or 25 passengers. The type of boat depends on the availability and the number of participants.

            It is possible to rent a kayak for the whole tour or only for the Big Lagoon.

            Tour A typically includes visits to the following destinations:

            Big Lagoon

            The Big Lagoon is El Nido’s most famous attraction. Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, it is the most photographed place of Bacuit Bay. I am sure many of you have tried to search for “El Nido” on Google, and I bet you’ll see photos of the Big Lagoon over and over again.

            Access to the Big Lagoon is via a shallow but large channel. The channel is wide enough for several outrigger boats to enter at the same time, but at low tide you may have to walk or kayak.
            Inside the lagoon there is a huge natural swimming hole with emerald green water, surrounded by massive and towering karst walls.

            Access to the Big Lagoon is allowed only for a limited number of visitors per day.  Book Tour A in advance to secure your slot to Big Lagoon.

            Secret Lagoon

            The Secret Lagoon in Miniloc Island is not a secret place anymore since it’s is one of the most visited attractions of the archipelago.

            Inside there is a secret world concealed behind various karst limestone cliffs. It’s so hidden that you must scramble or swim (depending on the tide) through a tiny crevice on the rock’s face to get inside.

            Once inside the Secret Lagoon, don’t miss the chance to take as many photos as you can and enjoy the emerald shallow waters.

            Shimizu Island

            Shimizu Island is well known for being one of the best snorkeling spots in the archipelago, thanks to the variety of corals and other marine life.

            This little island with towering limestone rock walls and a powdery white sands beach is also the best place to stop for the picnic lunch.

            Shimizu Island was named after a Japanese diver lost his life while exploring an underwater cave here. Later the island became one of the usual stopovers for boats doing the Tour A circuit around Miniloc Island.

            Seven Commandos Beach

            Seven Commandos Beach is sheltered by high cliffs is the quintessential beach paradise in El Nido.  The sand couldn’t be any whiter, the water couldn’t be any clearer, and the sunsets are out of this world.

            This isolated beach is located on the mainland, but only accessible by boat due to the mountainous terrain. It is also a popular stop on island hopping Tour A.

            It was named after a huge fishing vessel was once stranded here. Later on, when the vessel was repaired and left the beach, the local people discovered a huge stone engraved with the word “7 Commandos” and they believed that it was the name of the vessel.

            Map of the highlights of El Nido Tour A
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            El Nido Tour B

            Departure Time: 08.300-09.00am

            Pick up: from any hotels within El Nido Downtown

            Duration: 7 hours

            Attractions: Snake Island Sandbar, Cudugnon and Cathedral Caves, Entaluala Island and Popolkan Island

            Tour B is available on a daily basis.  We offer both shared tour and private tour.

            Boat capacity:  boat “bangka” either 12, 15 or 25 passengers. Boat type depends on the availability and number of participants.

            Pangulasian Island

            Pangulasian Island is another charming island in El Nido’s archipelago famous for its silky soft sand and exceptionally clear water.

            With a beautiful reef teaming with marine life, the island is perfect for snorkeling. Aside from enjoying the underwater world, at Pangulasian you can just relax on the beach and take in the view of the sea’s brilliant hues

            Pangulasian Island is also known to many as the Island of the Sun for its vivid sunrises and the sunsets.

            The island, which is a popular visit for the island hopping Tour B, and it’s also home to the exclusive Pangulasian Island El Nido Resorts.

            Pinagbuyutan Island *this island is privately owned and no longer open to visitors. It has been replaced with Entaluala Island

            Pinagbuyutan island which is also known as Inabuyatan Island which means “Enchanted Island” has high limestone cliffs that reach up to approximately 337 meters high which give the island an imposing look.

            The beach in Pinagbuyutan island may not be as nice as the other islands, but its underwater ecosystem beneath its waters is one of the most outstanding in El Nido, and it’s filled with colorful fishes and vibrant corals.

            Pinagbuyutan island also has a beach area where you can do nothing but relax under the shade of the coconut tree.

            Snake Island

            Snake Island which was originally known as Vigan Island, is definitely the main highlights of Island Hopping Tour B.

            It was named Snake Island because of its unique S-shaped sandbar that connects the island to the mainland.

            The reason why Snake Island is so fascinating is that you can walk through it at low tide and splash around the shallow water on both sides of the sandbar.

            You can also trek to the viewing point at the top of Snake Island. At the top, you will be rewarded with striking panoramic views of the winding long tongue of white sand.

            Cudugnon Cave

            The Cudugnon Cave is another top attraction part of the Island Hopping Tour B.

            This cave is believed to be a burial site during the Neolithic period because of the human bones and artifacts that have been found inside.

            You will have to squeeze through a small rocky hole to reach the main chamber of the cave, but once inside is breathtaking and you will be immediately captivated by the eerily beautiful rock formations and the high ceilings.

            The crevices of its cave roof are inhabited by swiftlets (locally known as the Balinsasayaw) and bats.

            Few steps away from the entrance of Cudugnon Cave is a secluded white sand beach that provides a very peaceful environment if you want to relax after the exploration of the cave.

            Cathedral Cave

            Aside from its beautiful beaches and lagoons, El Nido has also amazing caves that are often overlooked. One of the most awesome cave is Cathedral Cave which lies a boat-ride away from Cudugnon Cave. It’s a boat-navigable cave in a cliffside on Pinasil Island.

            It’s doesn’t look impressive from afar, but up close you will be amazed by this huge cavern with an opening higher than the Underground River.

            The cave is an important nesting site for the Cave Swallow, their nest made of dried saliva, is the main ingredient of the exotic bird’s nest soup.

            The dark interior of the cave has spectacular rock formations and high ceiling that looks like a cathedral.

            The crystal-clear emerald water inside the cave looks so inviting, but the reality is that is too risky for swimming since it’s the habitat to venomous sea snakes.

            The Cathedral Cave is considered as one of El Nido’s most promising wonders.

            Map of the highlights of El Nido Tour B
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            El Nido Tour C

            Departure Time: 08.300-09.00am

            Pick up: from any hotels within El Nido Downtown

            Duration: 7 hours

            Attractions: Matinloc Island, Secret Beach, Hidden Beach Helicopter Island and Tapiutan Island.

            Tour C is available on a daily basis.  We offer both shared tour and private tour.

            Boat capacity:  boat “bangka” either 12, 15 or 25 passengers. Boat type depends on the availability and number of participants.

            Helicopter Island

            Like most islands of Bacuit Bay, Helicopter Island (also known as Dilumacad Island) boasts towering cliffs covered with thick vegetation and pristine beach.

            The island is called Helicopter Island because its limestone cliffs resemble the shape of a helicopter when it is viewed from afar, although many visitors have a hard time associating its shape with a helicopter.

            There are good snorkeling spots around the island and underwater tunnels for advanced divers.

            Helicopter islands is also a good place to relax and unwind. Its 300 meters stretch of beach is great for picnic lunch during island hopping trips and for lounging in the sun.

            The massive cliff on one side of the island that provides an excellent shade, it also the perfect background for your photos.

            Secret Beach

            The Secret Beach, which is part of Tour C, is a must-visit spot in El Nido.

            Secret Beach is a pocket of white sand found on the edge of Matinloc Island. It’s surrounded by steep rock walls and is only accessible by swimming through a narrow crevice in a rock wall.

            Accessing the Secret Beach can be a bit challenging and even experienced swimmers may find difficult to get inside when the sea is rough. But once inside you will be rewarded by this secluded location with fine white sand and clear waters.

            According to the local people, Alex Garland, the author of the novel-turned-film The Beach actually lived and wrote his bestselling novel in El Nido, most likely inspired by the Secret Beach.

            Hidden Beach

            The Hidden Beach in Matinloc Island is a small paradisiac cove concealed by limestone rock and impossible to see it from the open sea.

            With its powdery white sands and crystal clear water, the Hidden Beach is one of the must-visit places when in El Nido.

            Hidden Beach, a popular stop on El Nido’s Tour C and a great spot for snorkeling where you could easily see various species of corals and fishes.

            Matinloc Shrine

            Matinloc Shrine is an abandoned site hidden at the foot of towering karst cliffs on the western coast of Matinloc Island. This shrine is formally known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Matinloc was built in 1982. It has since been neglected and had run down, but visitors are still allowed to visit the area.

            While some people may find this place as a spiritual oasis, most of the victors come here for the beautiful panoramic view that the place has to offer.

            To reach the viewpoint you have to climb a small limestone hill located close to the shrine. From the viewpoint, you can enjoy the stunning view of Tapiutan Island, which lies opposite Matinloc.

            Star Beach

            The Star Beach is a breathtaking destination found in the Tapiutan Island. This beautiful beach gives a stunning vista of the neighboring Matinloc Island. It is known as a great place for snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and even for having lunch.

            It was named Star Beach because there are plenty of harmless starfishes laying on the seabed.

            Map of the highlights of El Nido Tour C
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            El Nido Tour D

            Departure Time: 08.300-09.00am

            Pick up: from any hotels within El Nido Downtown

            Duration: 7 hours

            Attractions: Cadlao Island and Paradise Beach

            Tour D is available on a daily basis. As Tour D is not popular, we offer only the private tour option.

            Boat capacity:  boat “bangka” either 12, 15 or 25 passengers. Boat type depends on the availability and number of participants.

            Small Lagoon 

            The icon Small Lagoon, located on the picturesque Miniloc Island, is perhaps one of the most interesting places to visit in El Nido. Together with the Big Lagoon, are the most photographed sights in all of Palawan.

            To enter Small Lagoon, you can swim through a hole in a rock wall or paddle through in a kayak at low tide. Inside is a wonderful hidden world which you can explore by kayak or by swimming.

            The dramatic view of the lagoon’s crystal-clear waters encircled by jagged limestone cliffs provides the WOW factor.

            Small Lagoon is a stunningly beautiful place that everyone needs to visit while in El Nido.

            The bad news; it’s so beautiful and so well known that only a limited number of tourists are allowed to visit the lagoon. Book your slot in advance to avoid disappointment.

            Rough seas and high tide may hinder access to Small Lagoon. Be sure to leave the Lagoon before the tide changes; otherwise, you may not be able to squeeze back through.

            Cadlao Lagoon

            Cadlao Island is the largest island of the archipelago which somewhat resembles a “mini-Tahiti”. Cadlao is the most scenic island with lush landscapes and surmounted by a conspicuous peak that towers up to 640 meters above sea level.

            Cadlao Lagoon is one of the most spectacular natural gifts in Cadlao Island. Its emerald waters surrounded by towering limestone will take your breath away. This lagoon offers some good snorkeling in the shallow coral gardens that lie off the beach.

            Cadlao Lagoon is also a great place to go kayaking.

            Pasandigan Cove

            Pasandigan Cove is an inviting stretch of white sand and bright blue water between towering limestone cliffs. It’s a great place to relax on the beach and enjoy the pristine nature.

            Most of the beaches in Cadlao Island are well off-the-beaten-track and travelers visiting this cove will feel a sense of privilege as they can discover a tropical paradise without the crowds.

            Nat Nat Beach

            Nat Nat Beach is another scenic beach in Cadlao Island which boats soft white sand and calm turquoise waters

            It’s sheltered by sheer limestone cliffs and is isolated that you can only access it by boat. This gives to the beach a certain rawness which adds to its appeal.

            The reason why you should visit Nat Nat beach is that is not commercialized and few tourists make this destination one of their stops, meaning you may have the entire beach just for yourself.

            Bucal Beach

            Bucal Island is a small island located beside Cadlao Island. The island has a nice small stretch of white sand beach.

            It’s the ultimate oasis for relaxing and a quiet place for a picnic.

            It’s also a great place for swimming and snorkeling, thanks to its shallow transparent waters that are the habitat of many fishes and corals.

            Paradise Beach

            Its name is no exaggeration: Paradise Beach is a must-see when visiting Cadlao Island and it’s part of the Tour D.

            Paradise beach is a secluded beach free of crowds with powdery white sand and emerald waters.

            The best way to experience this tropical paradise is from a kayak, but if you are feeling lazy, you may opt to relax with a book or take stunning beach photos.

            Map of the highlights of El Nido Tour D
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