El Nido Island Hopping Tours

El Nido Tour A

Small Lagoon

Small Lagoon is just one of Miniloc Island’s many eye candies and El Nido’s undoubtedly beautiful lagoons. This majestic lagoon is a very ideal location for snorkeling. Guests are advised to wear slippers and protective footwear to avoid getting injured from the sharp corals underneath.
Visitors may either opt for a swim, snorkeling, or kayaking. Either way, we assure you that you will have a great time with the beautiful gentle waters of the small lagoon. To enter it, you will have to go through a gap between two huge limestone rocks. You may either swim through it or use a kayak.
Due to the fact that it is a lagoon, it is expected that the water will be much colder than the water of the open sea.

Big Lagoon

The Big Lagoon is another popular destination that will never disappoint you. I’m sure most of you have already tried searching “El Nido” in Google and I bet, photos of the big lagoon would always welcome you.
Its rich greenery and karst limestone formations will constantly remind you that the island of Palawan is considered the last frontier of the Philippines. We are sure that the clear, emerald waters of the Big Lagoon will entice you to dive into it as soon as the boat operator or tour guide tells you that it’s alright to do so.
Bask into its clear waters, take various selfies and groufies, no one will stop you! But mind you, there are still more to discover in El Nido!

Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon in Miniloc Island is a not – so – secret place to tourist since it is considered as one of the most famous sites in the vicinity. It is hidden behind various towering karst limestone cliffs, something that fits a precious masterpiece – has to be protected through the dark limestone walls.
Don’t miss the chance to take as many pictures as you can aside from wading on the shallow waters of the Secret Lagoon. Also, take the opportunity of enjoying the beach found just beside the Secret Lagoon.

Shimizu Island

Over the years, the Shimizu Island in El Nido has received nothing but acknowledgments for being one of the nicest snorkeling sites in the area due to the wide variety of marine life found beneath it. This majestic island is surrounded by crystalline waters and powdery white sands which makes it very much ideal for by – the – beach picnics for both locals and tourists.
It’s undoubtedly picturesque view is perfect for selfies and groufies; even for landscape photography! Well, that is expected from the vibe that is given off by the relaxing place and the jaw-dropping limestone cliffs.
This beautiful island was named after a Japanese diver who passed away during an underwater cave exploration in an underwater tunnel in the island.

Seven Commandos Beach

The Seven Commandos Beach is not only a beautiful destination but also holds quite the history. As known to many locals, a huge fishing vessel was once stranded in the waters of El Nido, a few days later, its passengers got off the vessel to find a place to stay in the island. The passengers left three months later after their vessel was repaired. Later on, locals discovered and explored the beach only to find carvings on a huge stone that read “Seven Commandos” and believed that it was the name of the vessel.
History aside, the Seven Commandos Beach is currently popular for its pristine beach and coconut trees that stood proud like soldiers ready for battle – their leaves waving like mothers eagerly waiting for the return of their children. It also has a vast sandy shore that is perfect for sunbathing or playing sports.

El Nido Tour B

Pangulasian Island

Another destination in El Nido that is famous for its white sand beach and rich natural resources is the Pangulasian Island. Tourists may opt to go swimming or snorkeling in the sea and enjoy the rich marine life of the island. If not, you may opt to just lay on the sand and leave with a sun-kissed skin.
Pangulasian Island is also known to many as the Island of the Sun for its wonderful views of the sunrise and the sunset. This island also has groves of tropical forests and a pristine beach that is very much appreciated by tourists especially those who are photography enthusiasts.

Pinagbuyutan Island

Pinagbuyutan island which is also known as Inabuyatan Island which means “Enchanted Island” has high limestone cliffs that reach up to approximately 337 meters high which give the island an imposing look. It holds one of the most outstanding landscapes in El Nido with its sheer limestone walls, white sands, and island shape. Its beach has soft powdery white sand which makes it a great place to just stay in hammocks and forget all your troubles. Do nothing but relax!
Its waters, on the other hand, are one of a kind. The shallow waters closest to the shore are white in color due to the sand underneath. Its color then changes into green and then blue as you go farther from the shore.
A few meters from the shore, the water is shallow and gets deeper into an area full of fishes which also makes it perfect for snorkeling.
On the elevated part of the island, you will find numerous coconut trees which provide shade to tourists who wish to take a stroll and also adds to the exquisite tropical vibe of the island.

Snake Island

Snake Island which was originally known as Vigan Island has become one of the main attraction of El Nido due to its unique S-shaped sandbar that stretches across the waters which connects it to the mainland of Palawan. What people find fascinating about it? Well, during low – tides, tourists and locals can just walk through it which gives them more time to take selfies and enjoy the view of the vast fields of mountains and hills and limestone formations!
It is located just behind the Bacuit Bay which serves as home to various marine species and the white sand beaches of the Pangulasian Island. Tourists are advised to wear aqua shoes or flip-flops before walking on the sandbar to prevent them from stepping on stonefishes that are in the area.

Cudugnon Cave

The Cudugnon Cave is one of El Nido’s exciting attractions due to its amazing specimen of geological formations that was discovered to house archaeological value with this bones and artifacts found in it. At first glance, you will immediately be captivated with this natural wonder which serves as a testament to the powerful forces of nature which is evident from the eerily beautiful stalactites and stalagmites along with the equally fascinating interiors and elevated cavernous ceilings. The crevices of the cave roof are inhabited by barn swallows and bats.
Cudugnon Cave is an important anthropological site where jewelry and pottery that dates back to the Sung Dynasty were found. Anthropologists believe that the cave dwellers were from Borneo and traveled across the ancient land bridge that connected the island of Palawan to Borneo.
Due to its high level of significance both as a tourism destination and a historical location, the Cudugnon Cave is definitely a place no one should pass up on.

Cathedral Cave

The Cathedral Cave is considered as the foremost feature of the Pinasil Island which, for many, does not look impressive from afar. However, up close, this impression drastically changes as the features of the cave become clearer to the visitors. That cave has an opening that is higher albeit narrow than that of the Puerto Princesa Underground River.
The Cathedral Cave is surrounded by high rocky cliffs that feature unusual stalactites which can definitely be considered as one of El Nido’s most promising wonders.
The cave has a dark interior and is so high and large that its ceiling is not visible any more to tourists. It has a cool and lovely greenish blue water that is too risky for swimming since the cave serves as home to extremely aggressive, territorial and venomous sea snakes. On each side of the Cathedral are overhanging cliffs that would definitely leave you in awe.

El Nido Tour C

Helicopter Island

The Helicopter Island which is also known as Dilumacad Island serves as home to towering cliffs sandwiching thick dark green rainforests rich with various species of flora and fauna. On one side of this island, there is a massive mountain with cliffs that have edges that looks rounded from afar. This landscape made the island look more like nurturing the others that have sharp and strong – looking cliffs.
On the other end of the Helicopter Island appears another cliff that looks like a helicopter’s tail from afar which rise from a wide beautiful white sand. During the late afternoon, the cliff blocks the sun which allows tourists to stay longer in the area’s cool shade. The waves in the Helicopter Island are also a little more violent than that of the other islands in El Nido which makes it a good spot for daredevil swimmers.

Hidden Beach

The Hidden Beach is an astounding paradise surrounded by towering karst cliffs which exists in one of the famous islands of El Nido and is currently called the Secret Beach. Legend has it that the Secret Beach was the inspiration behind author Alex Garland’s novel entitled “The Beach” which had a movie adaptation shot in Maya Bay in Thailand years back starring the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
The Secret Beach is a pocket of white beach found on one edge of the Matinloc Island. This, however, is concealed by cliffs and is only accessible through a narrow crevice on a limestone wall. To visit this paradise, tourists will have to swim through the crevice to reach the beach that glimmers even under the shade of cliffs kissed by the sun.

Matinloc Shrine

The Matinloc Shrine is an abandoned site hidden at the foot of towering karst cliffs located at the west coast of the Matinloc Island. This shrine is formally known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Matinloc which was built in 1982. At present, the place has been completely neglected and its main building is almost empty. However, tourists are still allowed to visit the area. While others find this destination as a spiritual oasis, most of the shrine’s visitors come to it for the picturesque view that it offers.

Star Beach

The Star Beach is a breathtaking destination found in the Tapiutan Island. This beautiful beach gives a stunning vista of the neighboring Matinloc Island. It is known as a great place for snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and even for having lunch.
Satisfy your craving for the sand and salt on your skin in this very beautiful island!

El Nido Tour D

Cadlao Lagoon

The Cadlao Lagoon is one of the many beautiful attractions in El Nido. It boasts of emerald waters and towering limestone formations surrounding the lagoon which all – in – all, make for that perfect picturesque destination. Swim to your heart’s content! Jump off from one of the rocks and into the deep sections of the pool, snorkel or just wade in its warm waters. To make it short, enjoy and relax until you drop!
Leave all your worries behind and just take all that nature has to offer during your time in Cadlao!

Pasandigan Beach

The Pasandigan Beach is another relaxing and picturesque destination in the World’s Best Island, Palawan. Pasandigan Beach is one of the coves found within the vicinity of the Cadlao Island. This is a location that would suit those who prefer being surrounded by fewer people and enjoy that soothing ambiance of being surrounded by trees and the sea and hearing the singing of birds as if they’re singing lullabies to lull you to sleep.
Aside from that, Pasandigan Beach being less crowded gives its guests the chance to enjoy swimming and snorkeling without worrying about possibly hitting someone accidentally while enjoying the crystalline waters of the beach.

Nat Nat Beach

The Nat Nat Beach is a beautiful beach with clear crystalline waters that you will find within the Cadlao Island. This beach has soft white sand and clear waters which are both an ideal combination for a few hours of relaxation. Some people make this destination as a must – go – to place and one of the reasons is because you can actually have the beach all for yourself. Towering karst limestone dot the area which gives it a certain rawness which adds to the beach’s appeal.

Bucal Beach

The Bucal Beach in Bucal Island is a unique destination in El Nido for its huge rock formations and for being a wonderful area that is very much ideal for snorkeling, swimming, and picnic lunches. The island which has an eco-park vibe has it all! At one side you will find huge hanging vines that give off a Tarzan film set in the jungle, a challenging hike that takes you to the top of Bucal only to be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Bacuit Bay. You can find a hut at the top of the island where you can rest after the long tiring hike. You can stay in the hut for as long as you want or when your finally ready to go through a challenging descent.
The island is also ideal for overnight camps, however, we suggest for you to keep your food inside the tent since most of the islands have four-foot “bayawak” or monitor lizards.

Paradise Beach

The Paradise Beach in Cadlao island is another must – go – to place when in Cadlao Island for its crystalline waters that would definitely entice you to take a dip. Well, why not?! Kayak the turquoise waters of the Paradise Beach and feel one with the sea!
Also get the chance to do other water activities such as snorkeling or maybe a picnic lunch with friends!

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