El Nido Beaches

Through the years, El Nido has been famous to many due to the picturesque sceneries found in the islands surrounding it; both on land and under the sea.

Because of the outstanding beauty of the islands around it, the mainland of El Nido seemed boring to many. However, not known to many, the mainland of El Nido is also home to many breath-taking sceneries and beautiful beaches.

This post shall take you in a quick tour of each wondrous location that you might not have visited yet in the mainland of the beautiful El Nido.

Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach

Nacpan and Calitang Beach is a famous beach that is located in Bgy. Bucana in the northern part of the town proper of El Nido. Together, they make up the Twin Beaches of El Nido which is 45 minutes away if you go there by van but is also accessible via tricycle which would, however, take about an hour to reach.

Nacpan has always been more famous than Calitang despite the fact that the two beaches are very near to each other. Nacpan beach is considered the most beautiful beach in the area which stretches up to four (4) kilometers long. It has white fine sand and vast turquoise waters which compliments very well with the rich greenery in the area.

The Twin Beach of El Nido is a quiet, peaceful destination that is perfect for those who are after a very calm ambiance that is far from the loud and busy life in the city. It is also a great spot to take photos that would definitely give you a lot of likes and reactions on your social media accounts.

Snacks? Worry no more! Resto-bars may found along Nacpan Beach where a wide variety of food and drinks are served.

Dolarog Beach

Dolarog Beach is a beautiful location sets in a palm grove near a lush forest that gives tourists the best views of the Bacuit Archipelago and the best sunset.

It is famous for being a remote beach that is surrounded by an outstanding natural beauty that can provide satisfaction to people who enjoys nature photography, sightseeing, and for those who wish nothing more than just a relaxing view of lush forest while they lay on a hammock on a fine day. Its breath-taking views have garnered an overwhelming amount of acknowledgement from those who have already visited the area before.

It is also very ideal for small children because the sea water in the area is very shallow.

Seven Commandos Beach

Seven Commandos Beach is a destination that is famous to many tourists since it is already part of one of the tours that are offered in El Nido. It has one of the most picturesque island due to its crystal-clear waters, and very interesting limestone and rock formations.

From afar, people can immediately notice Seven Commando Beach’s white sand and the coconut trees lined along it that are swaying along with every blow of the wind. There are also free cottages on the beach that can be used by tourists during their stay in the beach.

This scenic beach was named after the ship that was stranded in the beach way back in the past. And through the years, it has become so popular that even when the ship has already left the beach to sail back to its origin, the name ‘Seven Commandos’ for the beach has remained as said by many locals of the beach.

Marimegmeg Beach or Las Cabanas Beach

Another inland beach that has been garnering so much attention recently is the Las Cabanas. This beautiful beach is found just five (5) kilometers from the town proper of El Nido.

It is mostly known for having creamy white sand along with the fact that it is fringed with coconut palm trees. Compared to Nacpan, it is more developed with a line of resorts that can be found along the beach.
However, despite being developed and being lined with resorts and other kinds of establishments, Las Cabans Beach still remain clean.

It is mostly visited for the beautiful sunset view that the tourists get while on the beach. The scenery in this beach is pretty impressive especially that in Las Cabanas Resort which is located at the southern end of the beach.

Duli Beach

Duli Beach is another uncrowded beach that is similar to Nacpan. The beach might not be the easiest attraction to get to but visiting the huge uninhabited paradise-on-Earth destination is, undoubtedly, a great experience for tourists. It has white sands with palm trees on it. Its clear waters roll onto the stretch of sandy beach.

The term ‘Duli’ is a name of the female tortoise which fits perfectly for the place since it serves as a nesting place for sea turtles in the area. What highlights this attraction the most is it’s striking views along with the fact that it has long been regarded as ‘surfer’s paradise’ especially during the rainy season.

 Beach of El Nido

Corong-Corong Beach

Corong-Corong Beach is a beach that is found just within the town proper. It stretches for more than three (3) kilometers strting at a point just below the town market before turning towards Marimegmeg Beach. During the lowtide in the morning at Corong-Corong, a long stretch of the sea is exposed and looks like a huge mud flat.

To the right, the imposing karst outcrop that is near the town is visible along with huge masses of the Helicopter or Dilumacad Island and Matinloc Island from a distance. But what is really endearing to Corong Corong is its unobstructed sunsets. The view of the calm waves, the anchored boats offshore and the island masses of the Bacuit archipelago in the background; all painted in various hues of red, orange and yellow, that is combined to produce a memorable sunset scenery during a tourist’s stay.

Airport Beach or Lio Beach

If you want to have one last glance of the beautiful waters of El Nido, you can find a beautiful beach right at the airport of El Nido. The El Nido Airport Beach is found not far from the airport. If you run out of time to travel going to Manila after enjoying a lot of time in El Nido, visiting the Airport Beach before getting on your plane to take you to your next destination would be a great idea to lessen stress.

Most tourists find this beach while they wait for their flight out of El Nido. This beach gives tourists a beautiful view of the Cadlao Island and a long wooden pier which makes it a perfect spot to take that ‘last paradise photo’ before you leave the beautiful town of El Nido.

Airport Beach is found not far from El Nido Cove Resort. Depsite this, the beach is quiet and offers very amazing scenery for the tourists.

Caalan Beach

Caalan Beach is, perhaps, the least famous beach in the mainland El Nido among the beaches close to the town. Few accommodations that are mid-range to high end may be found here. It is very ideal to those who arrive in El Nido in the evening since it only takes about 10 – 15 minutes of walking from the town proper.

This beach is quiet but scenic at the same time. It also gives a great view of the Cadlao Island as well as great sunsets.
Anyone who visits this beach will really wonder how a beautiful attraction such as this has yet acquired attention from the many visitors of El Nido.