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    Explore Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the most amazing attractions of Palawan Island and the Philippines.

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    Dumaran Attractions

    What you need to see while you’re in Dumaran

    Dumaran is a third class municipality in the beautiful island of Palawan which serves as home to about 23,000 Palaweños based on the 2015 census in the area. Dumaran covers the southern part of the Dumaran Island where the Poblacion is situated as well as a portion in mainland Palawan. On its northeast is the Municipality of Araceli, on its south is the Sulu Sea, on its south-west is the Municipality of Roxas, and on its north-west is the Municipality of Taytay.

    Most of the inhabitants of Dumaran work as farmers and fishermen due to its strategic position in the island of Palawan.

    Undiscovered Natural Beauty

    If you’re the kind of traveler who enjoys going to places that are rarely visited ad flocked by tourists, then Dumaran is just the place for you! It is located around 231 kilometers from the city proper of Puerto Princesa which is the main entry point of Palawan via air and some sea vessels. This laid – the back town is accessible via public transportation such as buses or shuttle vans. However, the road leading to this hidden paradise is not easy to pass through. It is narrow, rugged, and largely unpaved; which is one of the tangible proof of the town’s underdeveloped status. But as the saying goes, no pain no gain!

    Upon arrival to the wharf in Barangay Sta. Teresita in Dumaran, you will have to board a boat in order to reach the island barangays where astounding eye candies await your arrival.

    Due to the fact that Dumaran is one of the less developed towns in Palawan, tourism-oriented destinations are also few. This leads to lesser cottages and other accommodations in the area. It is very much suggested that you arrange for your accommodation beforehand to avoid any form of hassle and for you to be able to enjoy your trip without worrying so much about where you will be staying or where you can leave your belongings while you bask in the beautiful beaches of Dumaran.

    Isla Pugon

    Island Pugon Resort

    Isla Pugon is an island that is virtually surrounded by a thick, lush mangrove forest which you will have to get through when you go to the island. Without fail, you will be greeted by a dense growth of healthy mangroves which makes the area look like a mangrove garden.

    It only takes about fifteen to twenty minutes from the jetty of Isla Pugon to reach the mainland wharf. Climbing to the top if Isla Pugon is an effortful activity that, we assure you, would be very rewarding. At the top of Isla Pugon is a breathtakingly beautiful view of the vast mangrove forest which extends to the beach with a stunning background composed of the majestic mountains near the vicinity. It’s basically getting a free admission to get the front – row seat to get a glimpse of just how beautiful this town is which gave you a very hard time to reach.

    Isla Pugon has nipa huts that could accommodate guests but electricity and water will be quite a challenge. However, fear not! They use solar power for lights and for charging electronic devices. And due to the scarcity of water, they use waterless and odorless toilets.

    If you would stay in Isla Pugon for the night, make sure to wake up early the next day to get the chance of enjoying one of the best suns rise views you could get in the province of Palawan. If not, then you may also go for sunset which is equally as beautiful. Imagine getting the chance to be on top of an island and getting the chance to watch the sun as it rises or sets. Phenomenal, isn’t it? Just make sure to get your camera ready to snap photos at all times!

    Not only is the view in Isla Pugon memorable but so are the staff who are always smiling and are friendly and approachable at all times. Hospitality is one of the traits Filipinos are known for throughout the globe and here in Isla Pugon, we assure you that you will feel what sheer hospitality is.

    Renambacan Island

    Renambakan Island

    A unique feature of Dumaran is its beautiful white sand beaches that are not yet populated by tourists which assures you that cleanliness is maintained in the area. And what does cleanliness mean? Rich wildlife, of course! And this is what Dumaran has to offer.

    Renambacan Island is just one of Dumaran’s many islands where relaxation and enjoyment can both be achieved without going far from its shore.

    Renambacan Island offers powdery white sands and healthy fringing, majestic reefs that serves as home to various kinds of fishes which makes it perfect for snorkeling. It has clear blue crystalline waters that will definitely encourage you to go for a swim and take as many underwater photos as you like!

    Renambacan Island is the perfect place for beach lovers, swimming, snorkeling, and even overnight camping! What else would you wish for?!

    Calampuan Island

    Calampuan is another gorgeous destination that you would love to feast your eyes with. It is often dubbed as the ‘Perfect Island Getaway’ due to its crystal clear waters, astounding coral reefs, and lush green forestry. Perks of being underdeveloped, eh?!

    This island is an encouraging location for backpackers to go for overnight island camping. Hearing the birds in the area as they lull you to sleep and the thought of waking up to the sound of waves crashing or the sound of the leaves of green trees as they swayed along with the morning breeze. Relaxing and soothing!

    It’s jaw-dropping coral reefs cannot also be left behind. Who wouldn’t want to swim with all the various breeds of fishes as they snorkel over the beautiful reefs in Calampuan island? I bet, none!

    Do you have kids with you? Worry not! Swimming in Calampuan Island is made more exciting with a wide shallow area where you can play with fine white sand and kids will not need life vests which sometimes spoil their enjoyment!

    Banawa Sand Bar

    Banawa Sand Bar is known in Dumaran for being a great site for snorkeling due to its beautiful beach, crystalline waters, and it’s astounding coral reefs which serve as home to various kinds of fish. The area is not only ideal for snorkeling but is also a good chance to try fish feeding which is rarely done in other tourist destinations in the island of Palawan.

    Aside from fish feeding, you may also try fishing and be gathering edible crustaceans for food if you wish to have picnics and such.

    Another good thing about Banawa Sand Bar is that it is only ten minutes away from the town proper of Dumaran! You wouldn’t have to go that far to experience swimming in crystal clear waters and snorkeling over magnificent coral reefs! You may also get the chance to catch potential sustenance during your whole Banawa Sand Bar experience!

    Mt. Turing

    An enthusiast of mounting climbing or hiking? Then Mt. Turing is the perfect spot for you. After a tiring hike, we assure you that you will be rewarded with a great overlooking view of Dumaran, its islands, and even its town proper!

    Not only that!

    You may also get the chance to get a breathtaking view of the sunset if you are patient enough to wait for it. So don’t forget your cameras! A great photo opportunity during a trip is always important! Take note of that.

    Maraneg Beach

    Maraneg Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Dumaran where the sand is undoubtedly white and fine. The beach has almost no tourists and is quiet which would definitely make you feel as if you own the beach for the day. Who wouldn’t want to own a beautiful beach with fine white powdery sands for a day, right?

    What’s better? Well, brace yourselves! You can stay overnight here! However, you will have to bring your own tent or hammock since there are still no available accommodations in the area yet. Sleeping in a calm and serene environment, that’s what travelling to Dumaran is!

    After all, Dumaran is a destination for those who seek a haven for relaxation and tranquility.

    Dumaran Spanish Fort

    Palawan wouldn’t be Palawan without the spice of history in any of its many municipalities. And Dumaran being one of those is no exception. In Dumaran, you will find the ruins of a Spanish Fort which is an interesting historical site in the vicinity. Its walls are even still intact despite the span of time that it has been there without proper maintenance!

    During early researchers conducted about the Spanish Fort in Dumaran, it was found that the ruined fort was built during the last decade of the 18th century or the early 19th century. The walls that remain in the fort is consist of the bastion and a short stretch of curtain wall that is breached off at its center with an entrance.

    Oral tradition claims that the fort was never finished. This is then backed up by the inspection of the evidence that shows that the fortification of the fort was never finished. According to findings of archaeologists, the bastion of the fort has an unusual shape which consists of around projection at its center flanked by two short walls. The bastion does not conform to any typical shape and it is quite probable that the rounded projection is due to an older construction – most probably a circular tower of stone and mortar which was later on molded into a bastion.

    Maruyog-ruyog Island

    Maruyog-ruyog island is a wonderfully serene location where you may set up your lunch. It is a very private place with big cottages and water that can be used for cleaning. It is also a good place to take short naps before proceeding with your adventure in the majestic islands of Dumaran.

    It is also a great place to snap photos of you and your friends or family members who you are travelling with! It has a striking white concrete plank that dramatically winds from the shore towards the cottages which render most tourists in awe because of its picturesque view.

    Ilian Waterfalls

    Ilian Waterfalls is a hidden beauty located on the mainland of Dumaran. Enjoy the cool fresh water from the waterfalls along with the relaxing ambiance by being surrounded by rich greenery from the trees that tower in the area.

    You may snap photos and bring snacks to binge with as you take in the calming sensation that the scenery itself gives you.

    However, make sure not to leave your garbage behind since it is harmful to the environment. Take pictures, keep great memories, and make sure to never leave anything behind.

    Pamalatan Island

    Pamalatan Island is a great destination in the Municipality of Dumaran for its bountiful offers as eye candies to tourists. It is very ideals for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

    Delve into its astounding underwater scenery as you get the chance to swim with fishes of various kinds and other underwater creatures you would definitely love to interact with.

    Encantasia Island

    The Encantasia Island which, as said by the locals, is an island that is not yet included in the map of the islands in the Philippines. It is among the smallest islands in the municipality where you can find amazingly clear waters that will enable you to see the coral reefs underneath.

    Due to its astounding clarity, it is one of the famous snorkeling spots that you could visit in Dumaran. After a long exhilarating underwater adventure, you may have your lunch to replenish you’re used up energy!

    Matarawis Reef

    The Matarawis Reef is another site that is thickly covered with diverse corals and rich underwater biodiversity. This destination, however, is shallow enough that you can see the corals just by sitting on the boat.

    From the boat, you will be able to see the largest clams you might get to see in your entire life! Aside from that, there are also palette surgeon fishes which are widely known as the ‘Dory fishes’, which can be widely seen in the vicinity.

    Queen Coral

    The Queen Coral is seemingly bottomless of the ocean with incredible underwater treasures at the shallow part of its waters that are definitely worth your time and penny. Get the chance to swim with clownfishes in their anemone home!

    It was named as the Queen Coral because it has an abundant number of corals in it. Some boatmen even use ‘coral saver’, a square-shaped structure made of bamboo with buoys in every corner for guests to hold onto while snorkeling.

    Feast your eyes with the never-ending view of corals!

    Food and Festivities

    Dumaran Kalabukay Festival

    What better way to enjoy your trip aside from experiencing the authenticity of the area itself? It is very much ideal to come and visit Dumaran during the 14th until the 18th of June while the locals of Dumaran celebrate their Kalabukay Festival which is held to promote environmental protection especially for the sake of the Philippine cockatoo.

    Aside from the festival, you can also come and try dishes that are absolutely mouthwatering as what most of the delicacies are on the beautiful island of Palawan. The wide variety of seafood will never fail your cravings as well as the recently popular crocodile sisig and the tamilok which may creep you out at first but you will definitely enjoy later on.

    So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy in the Municipality of Dumaran. Enjoy, explore, and experience!