Dive Sites in El Nido

Miniloc Island

Miniloc is an island in the municipality of El Nido in Palawan which has various diving sites where diving and snorkeling enthusiast may feast their eyes with.

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Tagbao Island

Tagbao island is located off the northwest point of Miniloc. This small island is also known to many as “Tres Marias” as reference for the three reefs that lie between it and Miniloc island. This area is best suited for snorkeling and for beginner divers who may expect to see lots of reef fish, colourful corals and painted crayfish since it is shallow.

Biet Point

Biet Point is a site that is found at the southern tip of Miniloc island and ranges from 13 to 21 meters. One may find plenty of lettuce corals and sponges in the vicinity. They may also encounter jacks, barracudas, squids, cuttlefish, and angelfish. This site is very sheltered which makes it an ideal spot to be explored at any time of the year.

Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks is a site that slopes 13 to 21 meters similar to Biet Point and has a sandy bottom. It is found on the north side of Miniloc Island. It is characterised by a profusion of table corals, sea whips, and sponges. One may encounter stingrays and schools of angelfish here.

The Wall

The Wall is one of the most popular diving sites in El Nido. It drops off at around 30 meters and is covered with soft corals and plenty of nudibranchs.

Dilumacad Island

Dilumacad Island is situated 6 kilometers west of the municipality of El Nido and is best known for a cave dive that may be found on its northern side. The entrance is wide enough for two divers to enter at the same time. It has a 15 to a 20-meter tunnel that leads to a cavern at its center. Its bottom is sandy where divers can find small fishes and crabs.The way out of the cavern is much narrower and only one diver can pass at a time through the exit which is a 10-meter tunnel that ends in a rocky area where you may see larger fishes.Its main highlights are its caves and have a maximum depth of 10 feet. The current in this area is moderate and the waters have a visibility of up to 0 meters. However, divers should take note that they should not attempt to take a dive in this place when there are strong north winds to avoid injuries and accidents.

Matinloc Island

Matinloc Island is quite similar to the Miniloc island when it comes to diving sites, it has various diving sites surrounding it that offer many different kinds of fishes that serve as eye candies for diving enthusiasts.

Banayan Point

Banayan Point is situated in the southern tip of Matinloc Island and is a great site to see pelagics. Currents may get strong in this area and may bring tuna, jacks, and mackerel with it. It’s not only the fishes in this site that is eye-catching but it also has coral reefs that one must not miss as well as the coral encrusted rocks.

Bikanayos Rock

Bikanayos Rock is a diving site that is also known as Picanayas and is found on the western side of the Matinloc Island. It has various large boulders around it. Whitetip sharks are frequently spotted in this site while Pelagics can also be seen here often.

Inbogal Point

Inbogal Point is found just to the southwest of Bikanayos. It has some impressive gorgonians and green corals on a slope to 35 meters. It is home to a unique species of angelfish named Pomacanthus annularis which can only be found at Inbogal Point and in Tres Marias; and is a common sighting spot for tuna, jacks, and mackerels.

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