Narra Top Attractions & Highlights

Narra is Palawan's top destination for eco-tourism, rich of unspoiled mountains, river and waterfalls, rare flora and fauna, and pristine islands and beaches.

Among the natural attractions: Mt Victoria that amazed biologists with the discovery of rare species of flora and fauna; Estralla Falls River Park is ideal for picnics of families and friends, and visitors alike; the Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary and the Arena Island Turtle Sanctuary; numerous island.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Estrella Falls, Arena Island, Rasa Island


Tour Packages

    Mt Victoria Trek | 4 Days


    Visit one of the most scenic mountains in Palawan and the 2nd highest @ 1,726meters-above-sea-level. It is home to a unique array of biodiversity including the recently discovered Attenborough’s pitcher-plant…

    from  13,020.00

      Estrella Falls

      Nature and Wildlife

      Book online Estrella Falls tour. The fresh crystal clear water from the mountains and the surrounding green sceneries will make you feel close to nature.

      from  1,575.00