Hotels and Resorts in Coron

Water Chalet at Huma Island Resort

    Huma Island Resort and Spa

    5 Stars Resorts and Hotels

    Huma Island Resort & Spa is a tucked-away destination in the northern part of Palawan, Philippines. This private holiday retreat in Busuanga charms travellers who seek adventure, romance, and a…

    from  21,000.00
    Seaview rooms at Busuanga Bay Lodge

      Busuanga Bay Lodge

      4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

      Busuanga Bay Lodge is an elegant, boutique, resort hotel located in Coron, Busuanga on the island province of Palawan, a nature sanctuary known all over the world as Philippine’s last…

      from  8,500.00

        El Rio Y Mar Resort

        4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

        El Rio y Mar Resort, is one of the best 4-star accommodation in Coron, Busuanga, Palawan. It is one of the top hotels in Coron, offering quite luxury lifestyle, first-class…

        from  5,400.00
        Swimming pool at Coron Westown Resort

          Coron Westown Resort

          4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

          Coron Westown Resort offers guests first-class hotel rooms that blend Filipino culture and modern amenities in a total resort experience that is sure to tantalize the senses and relax the…

          from  2,800.00
          Aerial view of Club Paradise Resort Coron

            Club Paradise Resort Coron

            4 Stars Resorts and Hotels

            Club Paradise is an exclusive island resort in Coron, Palawan dotted along UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is a tropical paradise strategically located amid Coron’s tourist attractions and exhilarating dive sites.

            from  13,200.00
            Paddleboard activity at Coron Underwater Garden Resort

              Coron Underwater Garden Resort

              3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

              Coron Underwater Garden Resort features a vast water park with a vast array of fun activities. All rooms are spacious and air-conditioned with contemporary-country inspired designs that create a homey feeling…

              from  3,706.00
              Exterior of Pierhouse Lodging

                Pierhouse Lodging

                Budget Resorts and Hotels

                Pierhouse Lodging is a unique-looking white-stucco lodging house located in the tranquil Conception village, about 40 kilometers away from Coron town. Here guests can enjoy marvellous sunrises and sunsets, all in…

                from  1,800.00
                Outdoor dining at the Micasa Lodge Coron

                  Micasa Lodge Coron

                  3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                  Micasa Lodge Coron offers clean, comfortable rooms and amenities to make sure you have a memorable stay in the beautiful town of Coron. Located in National Highway Coron, it has…

                  from  1,540.00
                  Aerial view of Coron Hilltop View Resort

                    Coron Hilltop View Resort

                    3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                    Coron Hilltop View Resort is a 5,500 square meters resort, strategically located between Busuanga Airport and Sea Port of Coron. Its greenery and landscaped garden provide a tropical sanctuary to…

                    from  1,215.00
                    Exterior of the One Averee Bay Hotel

                      One Averee Bay Hotel

                      3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                      One Averee Bay Hotel is right at the heart of Coron Town, approximately 30 minutes away from Busuanga Airport and is easily accessible to Coron port, convenience stores, and bayside.…

                      from  2,693.00
                      Night scene at Sunz En Coron Resort

                        Sunz En Coron Resort

                        3 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                        Sunz En Coron Resort is the first Korean owned resort and they provides privacy, comfort, relaxing atmosphere brought by the mountain breeze and chirping of birds to make your holiday…

                        from  1,590.00
                        Entrance of Coron Soleil Garden Resort

                          Coron Soleil Garden Resort

                          5 Stars Resorts and Hotels

                          Coron Soleil Garden Resort is a premium resort offering fine comforts with premium amenities and facilities for the luxurious, indulgent and leisure traveler who yearns for relaxing and worry-free travel.…

                          from  7,800.00