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Palawan is the most beautiful tourist destination in the Philippines with a variety of islands, beaches, and other natural beauty, all to be enjoyed on a Palawan vacation.

Festival and Events 2022 and 2023 to be updated when the local government will decide for the new dates.

Calendar of Events

List of the most popular events and festivals in Palawan

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It provides the most popular events, shows, festivals, public holidays, and more.


1 Jan: Bagong Taon Bagong Buhay Sa Baybay

Where: Puerto Princesa Baywalk

The biggest New Year party in Palawan featuring fireworks and other activities such as as film shows, sing along contest and trivia questions.


7-23 Jan: Tarek Festival

Where: Aborlan

Tarek festival, celebrated on days with full moon, showcases the culture of Palawan’s indigenous groups such as Tagbanua tribe, Batak tribe, and Pagdiwata tribe.


3-30 Jan: Founding Anniversary Bataraza Town

Where: Bataraza

The Founding Anniversary is celebrated with exciting activities such as Street Parade, a Float contest, a drum and lyre contest, motor cross, agri-trade fair, tribal show, and garden show.


23-24 Jan: Arawedan Festival

Where: Port Barton

The people of Port Barton celebrate the Arawedan Festival with a variety of activities, from mouth-watering delicacies and street parades with the band adorned in creative costumes.


14 Feb: Love Affair with Nature

Where: Bgy. San Jose and San Manuel Puerto Princesa City

The people of Puerto Princesa express their love for Mother Natures as they participate in mangrove tree Planting activities.


4 – 10 Mar: Puerto Princesa City Foundation Day

Where: Puerto Princesa

The people of Puerto Princesa celebrate the Commemoration of City’s Foundation Day with a series of cultural and sport events.


14 Mar: Balayong Festival 2020

Where: Puerto Princesa

The colorful Balayong Festival commemorates the founding anniversary of Puerto Princesa with Street Dancing, Float Parade, and Planting of the Palawan Cherry Blossoms.


15-18 March: El Nido Town Fiesta (Kulambo Festival)

Where: El Nido

El Nido celebrates it “Fiesta” with numerous activities such as Street Dancing, singing contests, and presentation of various types of local delicacies. The highlight is the costumes of the participants of the street parade made out of “kulambo” -a mosquito net.


16-22 Mar: “Kaniyog’n Festival”

Where: Brooke’s Point

This celebration aims to promote the diverse products derived from the coconut or “tree of life” and also features trade fairs, cultural and contemporary shows, sports activities and a beauty pageant.


19 Mar: Narra Town Fiesta

Where: Narra

The Catholics pay homage to the patron of Narra, Saint Joseph, with sincere thanksgiving for God’s blessings and protection, and a whole year of abundance and prosperity.


11 Mar: Founding Anniversary of Balabac

Where: Poblacion Balabac, Palawan 

The people of Balabac celebrate their Founding Anniversary with various events and competitions.


10 April: Pangalipay Sa Baybay

Where: Puerto Princesa Baywalk

It is a summer extravaganza events that begins with a parade and an impressive fireworks display.  There will be many other daily activities from coastal clean-ups, several sports contests, and dance competition.


17-21 April: Rizal Town Founding Anniversary & Tau’t Bato Festival

Where: Rizal Town

This event features street dancing, float parade, and many other fun activities. It also showcases the culture of the indigenous Tau’t Bato people.


23-24 April: Palawan Liberation

Where: Plaza Cuartel Puerto Princesa City

This event is to honor Filipino and American heroes who fought side-by-side to end the Japanese occupation in Palawan.


3rd week of April: Seafood Festival

Where: Puerto Princesa

A gastronomic event that features Palawan’s seafood specialties. Local restaurants showcase kaleidoscope of seafood dishes ranging from local favorites to international ones.


25 April – May 4: Pasinggatan Festival

Where: Taytay

The Pasinggatan Festival highlights Palawan’s cultural heritage with music, dances, handicrafts, native games and local cuisine. This long festival ends with the crowning of Miss Taytay who will represent the municipality at the Baragatan Festival.


28 April – May 1: Kalugtan’ Festival

Where: El Nido

The people of El Nido celebrates Earth Day to honor “Mother Earth” with a series of special events, activities, and exhibits.


Fullmoon of April: Kamarikutan Pagdiwata Arts Festival

Where: Puerto Princesa

The long-week Festival hosted by Kamarikutan Kape Galeri features different arts from painting, sculpture, music, dance, and film.


May: Karagatan Festival

Where: Tagkawayan Beach, Bacungan, PPC

This festival held on the beach aims to demonstrate the synergy between the humans and the ocean. It filled with a variety of activities such as beach volleyball, sand sculptures, boat sailing, beach party and bikini competition.


15 May: Manunggul Festival

Where: Quezon

The municipality of Quezon known as the “Cradle of Philippine Civilization”, celebrates the Manunggul Festival to honor the burial jars found in Tabon Cave.


15-16 May: Roxas Town Fiesta (Panalaminan Festival)

Where: Roxas

The festival whose name is a Cuyunon word which means “mirror” celebrates the history of Roxas as a repository of silica sand used for the production of mirrors and glassware.


17-18 May: Cuyunon Festival

Where: Bgy. Sibaltan El Nido, Palawan

The Cuyunon festival is a tribute to the indigenous cultural group of Palawan to promote their cultural heritage, especially its music and dance.


30 May: Water Festival

Where: Puerto Princesa City

A Festival filled with water-activities. Participants have to run along the Rizal Avenue throwing and splashing colored water. At night, the festival ends with an exciting fire dance competition and a reggae party.


14-18 June: Kalabukay Festival

Where: Dumaran, Palawan

The people of Dumaran celebrate their Kalabukay Festival to promote conservation of the forests where one of the last remaining populations of Kalabukay or “katala” (Philippine cockatoo) dwells.

19 June: Pista ng Kalikasan

Where: Puerto Princesa 

This event aims to protect the natural environment of Palawan, especially the mangrove forests. It’s a mass planting-tree event to help alleviate global warming.


19-21 June: Malagnang Festival

Where: San Vicente

The Malagnang Mud Festival is filled with many fun activities and it culminates in the stiff competition of Mud Street Dancing.


24 June: Pista ng Dalampasigan

Where: Espaňola

The local citizens gather together for a coastal cleanup and mangrove reforestation.


24 June: Agutaya Town Fiesta

Where: Agutaya, Palawan

The Agutaya town fiesta celebration in honor of Saint John The Baptist whose image is taken from the church and carried in a procession around the town accompanied by a band and set on a beautifully decorated boat to the sea.


24 June: Rakudan Festival

Where: Aborlan

The Rakudan Festival, whose name in local dialect means “gathering” celebrate the foundation of Aborlan.


3rd week of June: Baragatan Sa Palawan Festival

Where: Puerto Princesa

It is a celebration of Palawan’s rich cultural heritage with an extravaganza of music, dances, handicrafts, and gastronomic products.


27 June: Pista Y Ang Kagueban

Where: Puerto Princesa

A mass tree-planting event in Palawan, where local people plant thousands of different tree species.


28 June: Brooke’s Point Town Foundation Anniversary

Where: Brooke’s Point

The highlights of this festival that celebrates the foundation of Brooke’s Point, are the colorful street parade and the 30-minute fireworks display.


28 Aug: Kasadyaan Festival (Tarangayan)

Where: Coron 

The festival celebrates the town’s patron saint, St  Agustine. The Coronians express their gratitude through cultural presentations, sports events, dance competitions and other activities.


28 Aug: Purongitan Festival

Where: Cuyo

One of the most scenic festivals held in Palawan. Blue-colored dancers perform the street dance to frenzied drumbeats while shouting Viva San Agustin in this festive celebration which coincides with the fiesta of the patron saint, San Agustin.


Sept: Tandikan Festival

Where: Puerto Princesa 

The highlight of this festival is the Float Parade that features the peacock, the symbol of the city of Puerto Princesa. During this month-long celebration, there will be singing and dancing performances and showcases of exotic cuisines.


1-10 Sept: Panagat Festival

Where:  Cagayancillo

This festival is a tribute to the fisherman and for all the people who thrive near water or sea. For this event, the street dancers wear ocean inspired costumes.


20 Sept: Coastal Clean Up

Where: Puerto Princesa

It is a thorough cleaning and ordering activity to clear up the shorelines.  Its objective is to preserve and safeguard the Mother Earth’s resources along the shorelines.


29 Sept: Pangalipay Festival (Feast of the Patron San Miguel)

Where: Magsaysay, Cuyo

The festival is celebrated in honor of their patron saint, St. San Miguel. This festival features a colourful street dancing and folk dancing with indigenous costumes.


28 Sept-Oct 1: Passini Kat Aborlan

Where: Aborlan

A socio-cultural celebration of the feast of patron St. Therese of the Child Jesus



Oct: Kalag-kalag Festival

Where: Puerto Princesa 

It is the local version of Halloween. Some of its highlights include a zombie run contest and creepiest costume contest.


8-12 Oct: Malampaya Festival

Where: New Guinlo, Taytay

During this festival, the local people thank the ocean for the abundant catch of the year.


25 – 31 Oct: Anihan Festival or Palay Festival

Where: Narra

During this festival, various activities are staged to showcase the talent, ingenuity, and gratitude of the inhabitants for a bountiful harvest of the year that was.


11 Nov: (PPUR) Underground River Day

Where: Sabang

This event celebrates the most important attraction of Puerto Princesa. The Underground River is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and a Unesco Heritage site.



1 Dec: Light a Tree

Where: Puerto Princesa Baywalk

It is a merry event where a giant Christmas tree is lit up to start the Yuletide Season. This comes with Christmas carols, dances, and Music.


8 Dec: City Fiesta

Where: Puerto Princesa

These celebrations feature nightly cultural presentation, yuletide activities topped by the lighting of the giant Christmas tree and fireworks, as well as agro-industrial, tourism and food fairs.


Fullmoon of Dec: Pagdiwata Tribal Ritual

Where: Aborlan

This event is a tribal ritual that is being practiced by the locals in the municipality of Aborlan in Palawan.