When it’s comes the meetings, conventions, exhibitions, incentives and specials events, the Philippines is a destination that delivers both serious business and fun.

This beautiful archipelago 0f 7,107 islands is a major business hub in the Asia-Pacific region with an established track record of hosting outstanding global events.

And beyond a business agenda, visitors experience so much more through the rich culture, spectacular sights and vibrancy of one Asia’s most unique destinations.

Colleagues participating in a team building activity

Choose the Philippines

Blessed with a tropical climate that lures visitors all year-round, the Philippines is resplendent with natural and cultural wonders, including five World Heritage-listed sites. It is a truly special destination that will turn every notion you ever had of Asia’s on its head. The Philippines is at once exotic and international. English is widely spoken, with an American, Spanish or Malay accent, and the local culture is o glorious mix of native and global influences.

When making event site selections, the Philippines offers a wide array of destinations, each rich in attraction. Take your pick from cosmopolitan Manila, historic Cebu, scenic Bohol or the beachside paradises of Boracay and Palawan, plus a host of other excellent business and incentive travel destinations spread out across the islands.

First-class facilities and amenities are more affordable here, thanks to a favorable currency exchange rate. Services are incomparable and always come with a warm smile.
Easily accessible, great value and a wealth of experiences to choose from – you’ll wonder how you’ve missed discovering the Philippines.

Crossroads of the Asia-Pacific

With six international airports forming a gateway to the world. The Philippines’ strategic location makes it easily accessible. Many major international airlines fly regularly to the Philippines from USA.

Choose your adventure

The Philippines offers eight major destinations – Manila, Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Palawan, Davao, Baguio & Banaue and Vigan & Laoag – to enhance every type of convention, exhibition, incentives, and special event.

Filipino Hospitality

One of the most alluring things about the country is the personal warmth, openness and cheerfulness of the people. Filipinos are renowned as great host and possess a high service ethic – it’s no wonder they excel in the hospitality and tourism industries, both at home and overseas.

Vibrant Business Destination

The Philippines is a well-established center of commerce with global appeal. It has one of the most deregulated, trade-oriented economies in Asia. Its status as a business-friendly destination is enhanced by a high-quality and creative labor. English has been solidly entrenched as the language of business and government since the 1930’s.

Broad portfolio of industries

Specialist knowledge and a wealth of unique industries attract a broad spectrum of global associations and attendees. These include aquaculture, agriculture, film animation, health and well-being, rice research and fashion, as well as emerging knowledge-based industries such as software development, engineering design and communication. The Philippines is a leading destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and information technology services.

Smorgasbord of facilities

A well-established meetings infrastructure provides innumerable options for hosting groups of all sizes, whether it’s15 top sales executives for an incentive event in a boutique resort or 15,000 attendees for an annual convention in a coliseum. Manila alone has eight major venues including the world-class Philippines International Convention Center (PICC). Asia’s first convention center.

Choice of accommodation

There’s an attraction range of accommodation on offer, whether you seek luxurious treatment or affordable comfort. From good-value international chains to elegant hotels, exclusive boutique properties and luxury resorts, the Philippines has it all.

Exciting pre- and post-event activities

Countless options for pre- and post-meeting activities are here for the taking Natural and cultural attractions include five World Heritage-listed sites. The Philippines coastline, which is twice that of the United States, boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are championship golf courses, luxury spas, sprawling shopping malls, adventure destinations and the nightlife is one of the liveliest in Asia.

Value for money

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much future your budget will travel in the Philippines. The favorable foreign exchange rate will make you seriously think of bringing your business event to the Philippines.