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Palawan is a tropical island paradise and the most charming tourist destination in the Philippines.Whether you’re a nature lover or adventure-seeker, Palawan has a good selection of amazing places to visit. Which places should you travel to while you’re there? We made a list of our favorite places to see in Palawan Island.

Coron and Calamian

Discover the natural wonders of Coron and Calamian Island. Famous for both historical and environmental treasures, Coron, one of the island municipalities found in “The Most Beautiful Island in the World” Palawan, have started making a name for itself in the world of tourism. Coron is known for the several Japanese shipwrecks from World War II which are located in the area. Surrounded by various rock formations, snorkeling in the…

Port Barton

Port Barton is a small fishing and farming village located on a bay at the Municipality of San Vicente, in the Northern Part of Palawan. The bay is found along the province of Palawan's west coast. With its tranquility and frontier, tourists, whether local or foreign, opt to get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the place and snorkel in the waters of Port Barton. 4092


“La Estrella Del Norte” which means “The Star of the North” in English, was a title given to the municipality of Taytay that is found in the northern region of the province of Palawan. It is one of Palawan's oldest municipalities and was also the first ever capital city of the province – which paved the way for it to gain the title “The Star of the North”. 4073


Palawan is known for its scenic views and rich biodiversity. The municipality of Narra is no exception from the riches that Palawan has. Dubbed as the “Tiger Municipality of Palawan” due to its vast natural resources, and “The Rice Granary of Palawan” because it is the main producer of rice in the entire province; the municipality of Narra has become one of the most important municipalities in Palawan. It is…

Honda Bay

Along the eastern shores of the island of Palawan lies Honda Bay, a bay that is being utilized for subsistence and commercial fisheries as well as recreation. According to some historians in town, in 1953 to 1976, the Palawan Quicksilver Mine - a mining company located near the area of the Honda Bay - used mine tailings from their ore extraction processes that produced a jetty which is now known…

San Vicente

San Vicente is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. It is 186km from the capital of the Province. [caption id="attachment_5730" align="alignnone" width="500"] Alimanguan Beach[/caption] This municipality is politically subdivided into 10 barangays, including Port Barton. Here, the main occupation of the community is fishing, farming, while this municipality is now gaining recognition as a center of interest for tourism. There are bay, undeveloped beach, jungle, and port…

Deserted island in Palawan


Dumaran is a third class municipality in the beautiful island of Palawan which serves as home to about 23,000 Palaweños based on the 2015 census in the area. Dumaran covers the southern part of the Dumaran Island where the Poblacion is situated as well as a portion in mainland Palawan. On its northeast is the Municipality of Araceli, on its south is the Sulu Sea, on its south-west is the…

Puerto Princesa

Aptly called “A City in the Forest”, due to this City's attractions that have a lot to do with its world-class natural wonders and the commitment of the people in it to the environment. Puerto Princesa City, located at the World's Most Beautiful Island Palawan, has been named as the “cleanest and greenest city” and has also been recognized globally for its environmental excellence. 4079