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About Palawan

Palawan’s outstanding land and seascapes make it a world-class cultural, adventure and nature destination. From trekking through the hills, valleys, and rivers to snorkeling and diving, to partaking in and celebrating with the locals at some of the diverse festivals held throughout the year, there are truly remarkable experiences awaiting you in Palawan. 2888

El Nido Beaches

Through the years, El Nido has been famous to many due to the picturesque sceneries found in the islands surrounding it; both on land and under the sea. Because of the outstanding beauty of the islands around it, the mainland of El Nido seemed boring to many. However, not known to many, the mainland of El Nido is also home to many breath-taking sceneries and beautiful beaches. This post shall…

Which El Nido Island Hopping to choose?

El Nido is an incredible place that every traveler should visit in the Philippines. El Nido is a first class municipality and is one of the provinces of Palawan’s pride. El Nido that means “The Nest”, takes its name from the Spanish. It was named after the edible nest of the balinsasayaw – swiftlets, found in the crevices of its limestone cliffs. The locals use the birds' nest for making…