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Port barton

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Port barton

A good idea to excuse the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, and just simply get away to relax and unwind in Palawan Island-Port Barton 2 Stars Hotels and Resorts Best Accommodation for Backpackers!



Port Barton is one of the barangays in the municipality of San Vicente, Palawan Island. 

This place offers simple pleasures. It kind of a place where after just a few strolls down the beach you feel you don’t want to share this tranquility with outsiders. There are jungle, islands, corals, long beach, fishing village and most diverse resorts in the area. This town is operated by generator that supplies electricity to the whole town daily, from 6 o’clock in the evening until 12 o’clock midnight. For those guests who wish to take picture on the day of your adventure, you are recommended to charge your battery’s camera during the night, and please note that majority of resorts have no hot shower due to the lack supply of electricity in town.


Island Hopping

In the distance of the bay, there are several beautiful Islands you must see and explore! To name a few, the German Island, Exotic Island, Little Paradise Island, Cacnipa Island, Albaguin Island and Double Island, for just an hour boat ride from Port Barton town. Among of these islands, only Cacnipa, Albaguin and German Island offer an accommodation, while the other islands are best for you to stop or explore to do a self portrait, swim through the ocean or step on its white sand beach. However, all of the islands are surrounded by vivid coral reefs and atmosphere.


Situated in a very far, lush, and forested mountain, are the private waterfalls in Port Barton called Intect-1 and Intect-2 waterfalls. These are waterfalls that supply water to the whole town. Aside from these waterfalls, there are other two waterfalls which probably reserved just for you to make sure that you will be enjoy staying at the sleepy sounds of Port Barton all day long.

Are you giving up to the heat of the day on the islands? Well, the Bigaho waterfalls and Pamuayan waterfalls are well-maintained which offer you super cold fresh water allowing you to relax from sun burnt. Bigaho waterfalls is the fantastic one, because its water is continuous even if it is dry season and its easily accessible because it is situated in just 15mns boat ride from Port Barton to Bigaho beach, and 5mns of walking from the beach to Bigaho waterfalls. Pamuayan waterfalls is a quite far walking, for almost 1hr from Port Barton, another hour’s walk from the beach takes you to refreshing waterfalls, passing through a lush jungle. Best time to visit is during wet season.

Underwater Attractions

Well, the Port Barton bay is not really good for snorkeling because there is no corals in the area, you see nothing but sand under the sea. If you want for snorkel, then island hopping is the best time for you to enjoy underwater attractions. Some of the resorts offer scuba diving.



  • Barton

    German Island

    Good for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. There is no drinking water or restaurant to this island..

  • Barton

    Little Paradise Island

    Good for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. There is no drinking water or restaurant to this island.

  • Barton

    Double Island

    The view during high tide. Perfect for swimming or snorkeling, and with private restaurant.

  • Barton

    Exotic Island

    This island is part of Albaguen Island. There is no drinking water or restaurant to this island..

  • Barton

    Bigaho waterfalls

    15mns boat ride from Port Barton to Bigaho beach and 5mns of walking from beach to waterfalls.

  • Barton

    Pamuayan waterfalls

    The waterfalls inside the jungle. The pathway going to this waterfalls is muddy during wet season.

  • Barton

    Underwater attraction

    The different kinds of marine species on every island and that is perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving.

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