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A good idea to excuse the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, and just simply get away to relax and unwind in Palawan Island Best Offer Affordable Hotels and Resorts Accommodation!

Planning for a vacation? That's the beginning of your holiday which leaves plenty of opportunities to distress your mind and body. Here are some picturesque of the five, four, three, two star hotels and resorts in Palawan, imbibing the ultimate indoor and outdoor lifestyle that you should experience. What’s a better excuse to spend few weeks in the sun and just simply getaway from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life?

Travel Palawan provides a variety option of accommodations for traveler who wishes to stay as far away from the cities as possible, for traveler who seeks relaxation and for traveler who craves for an adventure. Here, it’ll help you organize your plans to travel around Palawan Island and help you find a better place to stay on its 66 accommodation that offer you the quintessential tropical island holiday retreat and takes you away from the pollution of the city with featuring rooms that are largely feature wooden finishes, scents, and natural fabrics, completing your holiday experience of going across time.



Palawan Island is composed of 1,780 assemblage islands that you can never escape when you see and experience the beauty of untouched environment. Nothing defines Palawan more than the crystal clear water, virgin forest and refined white sand beach surrounding it. In the year 2015, Palawan is known as “The most beautiful island in the world” based on the survey of the most travelers.

What are you waiting for? Come to Palawan and share your experience with Travel Palawan!